Are You The Right Fit For Police Now?

How To Apply


Working as a neighbourhood police officer is a demanding but rewarding job. We need to know that you understand the demands of such a career and are up for the challenge. So please read the information below carefully and think about if this is a role for you, bearing in mind the realities of what the programme will entail.

This won’t be your typical 9 to 5 job. You’ll work a varied shift pattern, covering weekends, Bank Holidays, evenings and nights. These working hours may have an impact on your social and personal life. Are you prepared to accept this?

You’ll need to be flexible and fit in with the needs of the service. At times you’ll be required to work overtime, perhaps to cover a colleague’s shift. You’ll be given as much advance notice as possible, but there may be times when your rest days are cancelled.

The police service is ever changing, so you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re open to change. On occasions you’ll be required to move to a different team or shift pattern due to operational requirements. Are you prepared for this?

As a police officer, you will need to ensure you look professional and portray a positive image of the police at all times. While on duty, you’ll be required to comply with uniform and dress code standards.

As a police officer there’ll be times when you are exposed to distressing situations, which could affect you emotionally. These may include dealing with vulnerable individuals, mental health issues, domestic assault and deaths. At times like these you’ll need to display a level of emotional resilience so that you can deal with victims in a sensitive and considerate manner.

Working as a police officer is challenging. You may be faced with difficult individuals and occasionally find yourself being subjected to verbal intimidation or physical assault. In these situations, you will need to remain calm and professional at all times.

Working in a local neighbourhood you’ll be dealing with people of different ages and from a range of ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. You will meet individuals whose attitudes and behaviours will challenge your own values. At all times you must remain impartial and treat such people with dignity and respect. Is that something you could do?

The behaviour of police officers is subject to constant public scrutiny and you may find images of you at work get posted on social media. Are you prepared for this?

As a police officer you need to divulge all convictions, cautions, out of court settlements, disposals, arrests and reprimands regardless of severity and failure to do so will lead to the invalidation of your application. Are you willing to do this?