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Below are a number of FAQS for our Partner Forces or for those forces who are considering working with Police Now.


Police Now exists to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring leaders in policing.

Our Case for Change report sets out in detail why there is a need for Police Now and what we hope to achieve.

Each Police Now neighbourhood police officer is posted to a uniformed front-line neighbourhood role where they take responsibility for a specific geographic area.

During the two-year programme, officers will have the opportunity to showcase their problem solving skills and leadership potential, but fundamentally this is about making a tangible difference in the most challenged communities across the country.

Police Now participants are employed directly by the force where they work, and as such are paid the standard salary for a new police constable in that force area.

Police Now is not a fast-track or promotion-based scheme. All officers remain as police constables for the duration of the scheme.

Police Now participants are not guaranteed promotion at the end of their two years. There is no promotion mechanism built into the scheme. It is about harnessing the talents of some of the country’s brightest and most innovative graduates to make a positive difference to the communities that need us most. Of course, having been exposed to a variety of policing challenges, our officers will be in a strong position to apply for promotion or lateral development if they choose to do so – but in just the same way as any other officer.

We do not believe that a university education necessarily makes a police officer excellent. This is why our assessment centre is specifically designed to place candidates in real life policing scenarios, and tests their commitment to public service throughout. Our recruitment process is extremely challenging to ensure we only recruit the very best graduates into the police.

We anticipate that many of our officers will remain in the police and go on to have long successful careers. However, the national workforce is changing and many individuals – graduates and non-graduates alike – seek variety in their career profiles. Some may go on to work elsewhere in the public sector, or in private or voluntary organisations.

By having Police Now ambassadors in other sectors we can spread our social movement beyond policing. These officers may become journalists, MPs or work in business – but they will have had first-hand experience in a policing role. These ambassadors will be in a better position to make informed decisions around public or social change based on their knowledge of front-line work.

Personal and professional development of these officers is vitally important in ensuring that they thrive and succeed in their roles. Police Now officers are supported by a mentor and Police Now leadership development officer, as well as being offered a wide variety of training and development opportunities ranging from public speaking to project management.

Neighbourhood officers may be expected to chair community meetings, speak at local events, advocate on behalf of the police at local authority or other meetings and plan policing operations. All these activities benefit from the training and support offered by Police Now. These are also transferable skills that will be invaluable should they wish to continue their careers outside of policing.

The Police Now Summer Academy is an intensive six-week training programme designed and delivered by outstanding, high performing front-line police officers, many of whom are or have been neighbourhood constables and sergeants themselves. Drawing on the best parts of competitive graduate scheme programmes and police training, the Summer Academy is innovative, dynamic, inspiring and challenging. We deliver training through a mixture of classroom-based and practical activities, and encourage participant involvement at every stage.

The training meets and exceeds the College of Policing foundation police training requirements and includes all mandatory training (e.g. Officer Safety Training (OST) and Emergency Life Support (ELS)).

All officers arrive at the Summer Academy having completed a bespoke e-learning package designed by Police Now. This covers key legislation and fundamental knowledge that Police officers must have. This means that more lesson time can be spent applying the legislation to real life scenarios instead of learning it from scratch.

The Academy itself is very intense, with Police Now participants working long days – just as they might have to on the job. They are given front-line policing experience through field training when, paired with an experienced and enthusiastic constable, each officer is deployed to the streets of London as part of a response team. Throughout these shifts officers are assessed on their performance in real-life policing scenarios to ensure they are demonstrating the required competencies.

After the Summer Academy, Police Now participants spend a further week familiarising themselves with local policies, procedures and systems in their force.  The in-force week is immediately followed and reinforced by a 8 to 12 week immersion period, which takes place in the officer’s neighbourhood.

Each Police Now participant receives a one-to-one mentor during their first 8 to 12 weeks in force. This mentor is a substantive constable, preferably with neighbourhood experience. The 8 to 12 week period is not a coached patrol phase, but offers the officer an opportunity to put the skills learned at the Summer Academy into practice whilst being able to draw on the support and experience of their mentor.

During the two-year programme, you will attend and present at Police Now impact events. These events are an opportunity for officers to demonstrate the impact they have had for their community by delivering a short presentation to their assembled colleagues and visitors. It holds them to account for the work they have been doing and allows them to share best practice and new ideas with each other. It is about demonstrating a measurable impact through the reduction of crime and/or increase in public confidence in the police. The presentations take place in front of an audience of colleagues, line managers and external visitors. This includes senior leaders in policing, members of the community, visitors from the Home Office and other partner agencies.

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