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About The Programme

The Police Now Summer Academy is an intensive six-week training programme designed and delivered by outstanding, high performing frontline police officers, many of whom are or have been neighbourhood constables and sergeants themselves.

It’s underpinned by a comprehensive pre-learn course beforehand so that participants have the legal and procedural knowledge they need to hit the ground running. There’s also a period of one-to-one mentoring following the Academy.

Drawing on the best parts of competitive graduate programmes and police training, the Summer Academy is innovative, dynamic, inspiring and challenging. We deliver training through a mixture of classroom-based and practical activities, and encourage participant involvement at every stage.

The training meets and exceeds the College of Policing foundation police training requirements and includes all mandatory training e.g. Officer Safety Training (OST) and Emergency Life Support (ELS). In total, there are 38 lessons over the Academy, with 25 assessments (10 written assessments and 15 practical assessments).

During the Academy participants receive practical class-based assessments and in the latter stage of the Summer Academy they partake in seven field training shifts, where they will work seven ‘live’ uniformed frontline shifts accompanied by an experienced colleague. Within these sessions participants will be expected to sign off all of their Police Action Checklists (PAC) with the aim of attaining Independent Patrol Status, including searching an individual, interviewing a suspect and making an arrest. Training is built so that our neighbourhood police officers can hit the ground running.

As well as everything you might expect to find in a police constable foundation training course, Police Now training aims to equip officers with the skills they need to be effective in a neighbourhood role. This means there’s a specific focus on engaging with stakeholders, partnership work and problem solving.

Over the six weeks of the Summer Academy, Police Now Officers are given frontline policing experience through field training. Paired up with an experienced, high-performing constable, officers are deployed to one of several busy force areas, including London and some other partner force areas. Throughout these shifts, officers must complete a set of Police Action Checklists to ensure they are demonstrating required competencies. By completing these Checklists alongside the other assessment during the Summer Academy each officer is confirmed as having Independent Patrol Status.

After successfully completing the Summer Academy, all officers will then be deployed to their home force. Each force then organises an in-force training week. This provides any force-specific training and helps officers to acclimatise to local procedures, policies and ICT systems. Finally, the officers undertake a four-week in-force tutor phase, the 28 day immersion, to ensure they are absolutely as well prepared as possible for their frontline role.

Many of the lessons taught at Summer Academy are by subject matter experts. Some are operational police officers and experts in their field. Others we have brought in from different sectors to provide engaging input with real-life case studies to help motivate and inspire our participants.

For example, in 2016 we had a charity worker talk about her experiences as a victim of FGM (female genital mutilation), and what her expectations were of the police in that scenario. By inviting external speakers and other key stakeholders we add a new perspective to the training environment.

Visiting fellows also support reflective practice within the Academy, with an additional focus on empathy, humility, resilience and communicating with impact.

If you are interested in visiting the Police Now Summer Academy, please email our Force Partnerships Team at


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‘The most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had. I’ve also made some great friends and am extremely excited to start working in my neighbourhood

‘Such an amazing unforgettable experience and a privilege to work with such talented people. I look forward to seeing where the programme goes in the future’

‘The six weeks of The Summer Academy were among the most challenging, exciting and inspiring I have ever experienced. Thank you!’

‘Genuinely a phenomenal experience. I was sceptical about our readiness after such a short training time period but have been proved wrong. I feel ready and raring to go…’

‘The course has been brilliant, and especially considering it is the first year it has ever been run, has been incredibly insightful and engaging.’