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The Police Now Frontline Leadership Programme is a one-year leadership development programme which prepares police officers with high potential for promotion to leadership roles. The programme is open to all eligible officers from our partner forces who are aiming to progress from constable to sergeant rank.

The programme consists of five in-person taught days, with online learning modules between each taught day designed to consolidate and implement your learning, with support from your dedicated Progression and Development Officer throughout.

The taught days are designed to progressively build your skillset to help you achieve promotion, improve your operational competence, and prepare you to become an outstanding policing leader of the future.

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12 month programme

The programme is focused on developing your potential regardless of background or career route. It’s a programme for police officers who want to positively change the destiny of communities, leading from the front in ways that build trust and confidence in our police service.  

It supports talented police officers from all backgrounds and pays particular attention to the barriers often faced by officers from underrepresented groups.  

what you will gain from the programme

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Programme learning modules

The programme covers three core areas:

Navigating the promotion process

We equip you with the essential knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the promotion process.

You’ll work to understand your force-specific promotion process with support from your Police Now Progression and Development Officer. You’ll have opportunities to take part in skills practice sessions, coming away with the foundational knowledge you’ll need to be successful in the promotion process.

This includes a solid understanding of the National Policing Promotion Framework and the Competency & Values Framework, and how to practically structure and apply this.

Improving operational competence

We build on your existing operational experience with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to demonstrate the competencies needed for promotion. You’ll be supported by your Progression and Development Officer to actively seek out opportunities to fill any operational gaps that you identify through your skills and knowledge gap analysis.

The programme will embed important skills such as:

    • – Building a growth mindset.
    • – Reflective practice.
    • – How to influence others.

You’ll have time to practise these skills and get targeted feedback to build your confidence and competence.

Preparing for leadership

We focus on developing a culture of leadership and innovation to tackle long-standing policing challenges in communities challenged by crime.

You’ll develop your own authentic leadership style, with practical takeaways to help you implement your learning from day one on the job and beyond. You’ll develop skills that will support you in utilising your network and leading change within your force and community.

The programme is designed to create a sense of insurgency and urgency. We’ll help inspire and renew your drive to continue your own development and progress to lead change in policing.

In-force collaboration

We partner with police forces across England and Wales. Participating forces will select a senior sponsor who’s committed to the success of the Frontline Leadership Programme and will work with Police Now to enable you succeed on the programme. They’ll set the expectation in force that police officers taking part in the programme are expected to apply for promotion at the earliest opportunity.


Promotion brings greater responsibility and opportunity to lead change, for your team and for the communities you serve.

The Frontline Leadership Programme is designed specifically for police officers who want to positively change the destiny of communities, leading from the front in ways that build trust and confidence in our police service.

It will equip you to tackle current and future policing challenges with the highest level of policing practice and leadership capability.

You’ll be part of a culture of innovation, with a leadership mindset and approach that will serve you for your next promotion opportunity and allow you to succeed and thrive throughout your entire career.

The aims of the programme:

  • Improving public service outcomes: reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, increasing public confidence in policing through a radical improvement in frontline.
  • Significantly improve diversity and social mobility: encouraging, developing and supporting talented individuals from underrepresented groups to reach sergeant and inspector ranks.
  • Sustainable cultural change: creating a cadre of frontline leaders who take a modern and effective approach to leadership.



The Frontline leadership Programme will give you the knowledge, skills and mindset you need to achieve promotion.​

It builds on your existing experience to embed the leadership skills and foundational knowledge you’ll need to be successful in the promotion process. Our curriculum teams are made up of educationalists and policing professionals using best practice techniques that build operational confidence.​

You will gain an understanding of how to navigate and succeed in your in-force promotion process with the support of your designated Progression and Development Officer. ​You will also be part of a national network of officers from forces across England and Wales, sharing knowledge, experiences, help and advice.​

You’ll come away with a renewed drive and urgency to continue your own development and to confidently progress your career.

"I did not have much confidence when I first joined the FLP at all. I knew I had the potential to be a strong future leader, but I did not have the confidence. Since joining the FLP I have grown so much. The networking opportunity has really helped me develop and self-reflect on my own potential and capabilities.​"

Manpreet Thiara, Thames Valley Police

"If we have better representation across the sergeant ranks, that will increase public community. In turn, increase public safety and vitally important, increase public trust."

Police Sergeant, Mike Perry


Diversity drives innovation and significantly improves performance on the frontline.

Developing a diverse group of exceptional police officers who are representative of the communities they serve is essential in building public trust and improving effectiveness in policing. Better representation leads to a stronger understanding of the challenges faced by our communities. In turn, this means more effective solutions that are better suited to the needs of our communities.​
Representative policing is at the core of all our programmes. We actively encourage and support the development of officers from diverse backgrounds and aim to increase diversity in senior ranks.

Upile Mtitimila | Detective Inspector
Cheshire Constabulary

“Equal representation is so important in senior ranks because that's where critical decisions are made that shape an entire organisation and institution and a police force."

"I joined the Frontline Leadership Programme because I wanted to utilise the network, learning material, and development opportunities available. What really sold the programme to me was the mock board interview practice, as from previous experience going in front of the board, I knew this was an area I wanted to develop my confidence in.

I think it’s important to take the support that’s offered to you and always strive to learn new skills and develop existing ones, in order to get where you want to be and start affecting real change as a leader in policing."

Police Constable Emma Cantrell-Johnson,

Humberside Police

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