How the programme works

Millie Tanner | Temporary Inspector, Thames Valley Police

Take the lead

Your commitment to progress is what makes you leadership material

Alongside a network of driven individuals from forces across the country, you’ll be exposed to the innovative learning techniques that develop disruptive leaders, equipping you to tackle current and future policing challenges in a frontline leadership role.

The programme is challenging and the onus is on you to take individual responsibility to address these challenges. But, you’ll be supported through input from the peer group and your Progression and Development Officer, as well as online content focused on personal wellbeing and supporting the wellbeing of others.

Programme learning modules

The programme covers three core areas:

Millie Tanner | Temporary Inspector
Upile Mtitimila | Detective Sergeant, Cheshire Constabulary
Millie Tanner | Temporary Inspector

Navigating the promotion process

Improving operational competence

Preparing for leadership

We equip you with the essential knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the promotion process.

You’ll work to understand your force-specific promotion process with support from your Police Now Progression and Development Officer and your peer group. You’ll have opportunities to take part in skills practice sessions, coming away with the foundational knowledge you’ll need to be successful in the promotion process. This includes a solid understanding of the National Policing Promotion Framework and the Competency & Values Framework, and how to practically structure and apply this.

We build on your existing operational experience with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to demonstrate the competencies needed for promotion. You’ll be supported by your Progression and Development Officer to actively seek out opportunities to fill any operational gaps that you identify through your skills and knowledge gap analysis.

The programme will embed important skills such as:

- Building a growth mindset.
- Reflective practice.
- How to influence others.

You’ll have time to practise these skills and get targeted feedback to build your confidence and competence.

We focus on developing a culture of leadership and innovation to tackle long-standing policing challenges in communities challenged by crime.

You’ll develop your own authentic leadership style, with practical takeaways to help you implement your learning from day one on the job and beyond. You’ll develop skills that will support you in utilising your network and leading change within your force and community.

The programme is designed to create a sense of insurgency and urgency. We’ll help inspire and renew your drive to continue your own development and progress to lead change in policing.

  • Navigating the promotion process
  • Improving operational competence
  • Preparing for leadership

Programme outline

The programme is a fully participative experience. Structured sessions are active and dynamic with a significant amount of practical scenarios woven throughout. You’ll often work in small peer groups to address the challenging and complex issues that you will face along the promotion journey and as a leader in the current and future policing climate.

The programme consists of five dynamic taught days, with independent and peer group learning between each taught day designed to consolidate and implement your learning, with support from your dedicated Progression and Development Officer throughout.

Everything you receive or encounter as part of the programme will have an explicit developmental purpose, allowing you to drive a consistent personal experience across each element of the programme.

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The first cohort for the programme will be inducted on 1st September 2021, so please apply as soon as you're ready as places are limited.

We're currently accepting applications from the following forces:

If your force is not participating this time round, please register your interest to stay updated with future cohorts.

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