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Prepare for your interview

Decided it’s time to focus on your career development? We’ve put together a range of support and guidance to assist your preparation for the digital interview.

This includes recordings of an information session designed to give you practical information about the programme and the recruitment process. When applications are open, you can book to attend an information session where you can meet a member of the team and ask any questions about the programme.

We’ve also developed three short videos that provide hints and tips for interview success. They cover the competencies framework that you will be assessed against, guidance for developing evidence and practise questions.

Ahead of your interview, we offer to arrange a call with a member of our recruitment team to discuss what to expect and answer any of your questions. We highly encourage candidates to schedule this in, as evidence from our previous cohorts shows that these calls increase your chance of success. 

Programme information

To prepare yourself for your interview, we have created two short videos that provide key information to support your success.

The first video provides information about what to expect on the programme and how it will benefit you to achieve your promotion goals. The second video provides information about the recruitment process including details of how you will be assessed at the interview stage.

Video one: Overview of the programme

Video two: The recruitment process

Interview tips

1. This video contains hints and tips to understanding the competencies that you will be assessed against in the interview and how to best to prepare.

2. This video provides practical advice on developing specific examples from your policing career that demonstrate the competencies we are looking for.

3. This video walks you through interview techniques, such as the STAR method when responding to example-based questions along with some practise interview questions.

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