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Millie Tanner | Detective Inspector, Thames Valley Police

the competencies

Participants on this programme will possess the right strengths and the mindset to thrive in a leadership role. You will be assessed during the recruitment process to ensure you are driven to achieve promotion and are highly committed to and aligned with Police Now’s mission. You will also be assessed to ensure you are aligned with Police Now’s competencies and values.

Read on to find out if you’re the right person to join the Frontline Leadership Programme.

Motivational Alignment

You are highly committed to and aligned with Police Now’s mission and aims. You are committed to investing into the programme and your own and others development to achieve this. You also demonstrate a strong drive to achieve promotion to sergeant rank at the earliest opportunity. 

We are Culturally Aware

You’ll appreciate and understand that communities have differences and varying needs and can tailor your approach to support these needs. In light of this, you are driven to do things differently and work in partnership to support communities.

We Deliver, Support and Inspire

You are motivated to network and learn from others to develop and be successful in the role of Sergeant. You look to build a culture of mutual respect and support by actively sharing your learnings to support others grow and develop their capabilities.

We Think Critically

You think critically and use a wide range of data and insights to understand complex problems and inform decisions.

We are Innovative and Open Minded

You are inquisitive and outward looking. You are driven to seek out and apply good practice and creative working methods that deliver better policing outcomes for your community.

We are Collaborative

You build positive relationships, work across traditional team boundaries and collaborate successfully to create the best possible outcomes and deliver positive change.

We Take Ownership

You understand the role of sergeant as leader. You are willing to take charge and constructively challenge to drive better results and ways of working.

We Are Emotionally Aware

You’ll be an empathic connector. You will be able to develop meaningful relationships with an extensive variety of people, allowing you to communicate and persuade effectively. You must be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in, and respect for other people’s opinions.


Upile Mtitimila | Detective Inspector


We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with both the people we work with and those we serve.


We must show impartiality throughout all our dealings with colleagues, partners and members of the public.


We understand and reinforce expectations of professional behaviour and openly recognise good and bad performance.  

Public service

We have a responsibility to ensure we act in the best interests of society.

Supporting diversity

We actively encourage and support the development of officers from diverse backgrounds and this programme aims to increase diversity in operational senior ranks.

The programme supports talented police officers from all backgrounds and pays particular attention to the barriers often faced by officers from those underrepresented in policing.

Upile Mtitimila | Detective Inspector,
Cheshire Constabulary

Are you eligible to apply?

The programme eligibility is the same as the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) promotion process for all officers in England and Wales seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant or inspector. The eligibility criteria should remain throughout all steps of the NPPF process and similarly would be expected to remain throughout participation on the Frontline Leadership Programme. 

The eligibility criteria should remain throughout all steps of the NPPF process and similarly would be expected to remain throughout participation on the Frontline Leadership Programme. Access more information about the NPFF.

If there is a change in your eligibility, then Police Now should be notified as soon as reasonably possible.

Further eligibility considerations

Candidates nearing completion of probation may apply for the Frontline Leadership Programme if they are due to complete this by the start of the programme intake. Applications from officers who are nearing completion of probation will be reviewed on a case by case basis and support by their force.

Candidates must not have any live written improvement notices issued under the Police (Performance) Regulations 2020 or reduction in rank under those procedures in the previous 12 months.

By the start of the programme intake, candidates must have completed any period of disqualification due to reduction in rank and therefore be eligible to commence the process at NPPF Step One.

Candidates must not have any live written warning, final written warning or extended final written warning issued under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020. Any candidate who is under a criminal or misconduct investigation will be reviewed on a case by case basis with their force. 

As part of NPPF Step One, candidates must have Adhered to the attendance management policy, taking full account of the Police Advisory Board for England and Wales’ (PABEW) guidance on attendance management. Candidates who have not adhered to the attendance management policy are not eligible for the programme.

Candidates are not eligible for the programme if they have any imposed restrictions from an ongoing criminal or misconduct investigation and therefore are unable to re-apply for the promotion process by the start of the programme intake.

This programme is designed to support those seeking promotion and not those who have already passed their in-force assessment as part of NPPF Step Three. Therefore, those that have passed Step Three (i.e boards interview) by the start of the programme intake are not eligible for the Frontline Leadership Programme.

In-force collaboration

We partner with police forces across England and Wales. Participating forces will select a senior sponsor who’s committed to the success of the Frontline Leadership Programme and will work with Police Now to enable you succeed on the programme. They’ll set the expectation in force that police officers taking part in the programme are expected to apply for promotion at the earliest opportunity.

Applications are now closed

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