Hints and tips – digital assessment centre

Please read our hints and tips to help you prepare for the digital assessment centre. Make sure you’re comfortable with all aspects of the day before you start.

Tips for completing the strengths-based interview:

 Take time before attending the digital assessment centre to research Police Now’s national graduate programmes and our mission.


 We suggest you also consider your motivations for wanting to be part of our programme and why you think you would make a good detective – the more you research, the more you’ll be able to convey your knowledge and passion for Police Now.


 We are looking for people that are enthusiastic and genuinely interested and in-line with Police Now’s mission.


 You can offer examples when responding to questions, especially when those examples convey your strength and interest in the area. Examples can be from either your professional or personal life and if using them please be specific and include a good level of detail.


 Relax, listen carefully to the questions, and answer each question as naturally as you can – try not to overthink your answers as often your initial thoughts are your strongest!

Tips for completing the role play:

 Although it’s a role play exercise, we are not looking for you to act; we are looking for you to be yourself. We want to see how you would deal with the situation.


 Use your planning time well – be clear on what you want to achieve in the time that you have and consider how you can plan the start, middle and end of your role play. To accomplish this;

– Read through the brief clearly, and highlight key points.
– Think about how you can go in and have a positive start.
– Think about how you might build rapport during the exercise.
– How you will end and finalise the role play.


 Lastly try to enjoy the role play, for many people it is a new experience.

Tips for completing the Virtual Case Centre:

 There is not much you can prepare ahead of the Virtual Case Centre; the best preparation is to be yourself and complete the tasks as you would do naturally.


 Listen carefully to the instructions given about what part is assessed and what is not.

Tips for completing the written exercise:

 Read all the information and instructions you are given very carefully.


 Plan your written responses and the points you want to make before going into detail.


 Ensure you include as much detail, reasoning and explanation in your written responses and where possible, use examples to back-up any points you make.

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Assessment centre format

For more information about what’s involved in the assessment centre, please read our assessment centre format.

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For more information about Police Now, our national graduate programmes or the application process, read our FAQs.

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