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neighbourhood team meeting

Neighbourhood team meeting

How well do you work with others? Are you solution focused? Can you bring your unique background and skills to the table in a group setting to create innovative solutions to long term societal problems?

Neighbourhood policing is all about collaboration: with community members and with your colleagues.  In your day to day role, you’ll rely on the team around you to make a positive impact.  If you’re the type of person that can examine a problem, create practical and pragmatic solutions and work within a group of like minded people to create a plan of action, you’ve got what it takes to be a neighbourhood police officer.

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What are we looking for?

As a neighbourhood officer your role is to see the bigger picture.  A large part of your role will involve working well with others: fellow officers, community members, safeguarding agencies, and other community resources. You’ll need to understand all of the tools at your disposal to come up with the best short, medium and long term solutions for your community. You’ll take your information about the community, and innovate new solutions together, prioritising the best course of action to create lasting change. 

This is your chance to experience collaboration with colleagues in neighbourhoods and across other services and departments, and our chance to see how you assess, prioritise and collaborate with others.

It may seem like common sense, but arming yourself with the knowledge of the role, and what your day-to-day role as a neighbourhood police officer would involve can give you a clear vision of what we will be expecting in the team meeting. Click here to find out more about life as a neighbourhood police officer.

We’re interested in how you work with others, how you process information, and how you share knowledge, strategies and experiences in a group situation where others bring their own ideas. We’ll also want to see how you react to integrating new information into your approach.

What you can expect

We look at how you process and present information, including immediate issues, alongside your ability to bring colleagues along with you, never losing sight of the bigger picture and long term objectives as events unfold.

We’re interested in how you prioritise, your ability to collaborate and inspire others, and your effective decision making to achieve the best possible outcome for your community.

Expect some surprises. In real life, as a neighbourhood police officer, new information is coming in all the time.  You’ll need to respond quickly and calmly when it does, taking into account the priorities you’ve decided.

Ahead of the meeting you’ll be given information about Ashview and what you will be asked to discuss in the meeting. After time to review this information you will then have between thirty to forty minutes to discuss the situations with other candidates and come up with your solutions.  Remember to be yourself and that this exercise is about collaboration, not competition.

Extra support

Do you feel you need extra support or any reasonable adjustments? Get in touch with our team.

We value your unique background and experiences.  This may mean you will need extra support or reasonable adjustments to help you in your assessment centre experience. You’ll have full access to our selection team who can support your journey, so please make sure to discuss anything on your mind prior to the day.

What you need to know for the day

We've put together a range of hints and tips to assist you in experiencing your digital assessment centre day. We also encourage you to sign-up to one of our digital assessment centre information sessions.

What will happen afterwards?

We’ll be in touch again within two weeks to let you know the outcome and you will also receive feedback on your performance in the assessment at this time.

Do you need to chat to someone about the digital assessment centre?

Our team will be happy to support you with any technical queries or guidance on completing the online assessment.

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