Online assessment format

What will the personality assessment involve?


The personality assessment is designed to explore your behavioural preferences, focusing on those aspects that we think are vital to being successful in the role.

There is no perfect personality profile for these roles, but we are interested in the ways that you like to work and how that might fit with the demands of the programme and the role. Your preferences will be considered alongside the other information we are gathering about your skills and outlook.

You will be asked to work through a number of statements and to rate them in order of what is ‘Most Like Me’ to ‘Least Like Me’. You will have the opportunity to complete a practice question.

What will the Week on the Police Now National Detective component involve?


Throughout this part of the assessment we will be asking questions that are designed to assess how well you are likely to perform as a trainee detective on the Police Now National Detective Programme. The assessment has been developed by drawing upon real experiences and situations you are likely to face and takes you through events in a five-shift week of work in a busy station.

It will therefore give you a good insight into the hugely varied situations you might encounter in the role, and how these scenarios might link and unfold over time. While completing the questions you should imagine that you are on the National Detective Programme and have been in role for 12 weeks.


You will be asked to respond to questions in three different ways: 

Scenario questions: you will be presented with a scenario and four possible courses of action. You must choose a “Most Effective” and “Least Effective” option relating to the scenario from the four statements provided. There is no time limit for responding to these questions. 

Written responses: you will be presented with a scenario and asked to type your responses to the question in a text box, within a recommended word limit. There is no time limit for responding to these questions. Make sure to complete your responses before selecting “Next” as you will be unable to return to this page again.

Video responses: you will be presented with a scenario and asked to record yourself answering the question. You will have up to two minutes of preparation time and up to three minutes to record your answer.


You will have the opportunity to complete two practice questions. The first one is designed to help you familiarise yourself with how to respond to the scenario questions. The second allows you to familiarise yourself with using the technology to video your response. Neither of these practice questions are scored.

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