Impact and Insights Report 2020/21

Diversity and talent


Diversity and inclusion is central to curriculum content, practical training and our unique support offering for every individual on our programmes.

Ensuring that our participants are well-equipped and supported to serve the diverse communities they work within is vitally important. As such, we deliver anti-racism training as well as lessons on policing diverse communities and difference and inclusion at the very beginning of our programmes. Guest speakers from diverse backgrounds educate, inspire, and encourage discussion amongst our participants during initial training. Analysis of Police Now data shows that 93% of National Graduate Leadership Programme participants felt comfortable discussing diversity and inclusion with their colleagues at the end of the 2020 Police Now Academy1.
As part of our diversity and inclusion strategy, we piloted a number of participant-led Affinity Networks in June 2020, to encourage open conversations about diversity and inclusion, information sharing, collaboration, and support for those joining our programmes. Following a successful launch of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, Women in Policing, LGBTQ+, Parents and Carers and Neurodiversity networks, this support offering is set to develop and grow for future cohorts. Leadership Development Officers are also on hand to support all participants on an individual basis, providing coaching, encouragement, and advice on a wide range of topics, including matters relating to racism, discrimination, and bias.

“Upon joining the National Graduate Leadership Programme, one of my reservations was the lack of Ethnic Minority representation in the police. I reached out to my Leadership Development Officer to discuss my concerns about facing racism inside the police and whether or not I would be accepted. It was the start of our professional relationship. He was very supportive and very encouraging.”

Police Constable Sami Halepota,

National Graduate Leadership Programme Participant, Surrey Police.


  1. Measured via an online survey on the last day of the 2020 Police Now Academy (n=369) ‘How comfortable do you feel discussing diversity and inclusion with your colleagues?’ ↩

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