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Met Police recruitment: Police Now's partnership with The Metropolitan Police Service

Looking for Met Police jobs and interested in the Met Police recruitment process? Through our partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service, we’ve recruited, trained and developed 541 graduates to become police officers in London so far. 


We support the Met to deliver more trust, less crime and high standards, as part of its work to build A New Met for London, where communities know their local officers, help shape their policing priorities, and work with them to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. 

Met Police recruitment:
Culture change

While a lot has been done, there’s still more to do. Police Now are proud to be part of the Met Police recruitment process and support its commitment to culture change, which includes:  

  • Delivering for London, maintaining high standards and better reflecting the diversity of the city we serve.
  • Become a police service that doesn’t discriminate – tackling racism, misogyny and homophobia. 
  • Deal with discrimination wherever we find it, ensuring all cases are robustly dealt with.  
  • Take a more precise approach to the use of force and stop and search and carry out regular reviews to make sure we use these tactics properly.  


London is a dynamic and diverse city. Over 300 languages are spoken, and London’s neighbourhoods host a rich variety of cultural and social differences. Policing benefits greatly from individuals with socially diverse backgrounds and experiences.

With a representative and diverse workforce, police forces are more effective in improving the public’s confidence and trust in policing. Every action you take is an opportunity to transform lives.

Diversity and inclusion is at the very heart of everything we do. We firmly support the Met Police recruitment in striving to represent the global city it serves and developing a truly inclusive workforce.  

What makes our graduate scheme stand out?

Leadership. Our participants all say it’s the influence they have in society through policing and the individual development they receive throughout their journey. 

From the moment you apply, you’ll have access to resources and development opportunities created by a team who understand your needs, who appreciate your experiences and want to see you succeed. We’re here to help you through the Met Police recruitment process.

Who is eligible for the Met Police: Q&A

There isn’t a strict upper age limit, but candidates need to be in good physical condition and meet other eligibility requirements.

You’ll need to have resided in the UK continuously for the past three years.

Yes, providing you have the status of indefinite leave to remain and work in the UK.

  • University graduates with a 2:2 degree or higher can apply to become a Met Police neighbourhood police officer through our national graduate scheme. 
  • University graduates must have a minimum 2:1 degree to become a detective through Police Now’s National Detective Programme.



Being a police officer is a demanding but rewarding career. When you know the demands of the role, you can make an informed decision as to whether you are ready for the challenge. 
What we look for

Your salary starts when you begin the Police Now Academy.

Met Police payscales vary by role:

  • As a neighbourhood police officer in London, you can expect a starting salary of £36,775 rising to £37,975 at week 30. (Salary including allowances.) 
  • Your salary will increase to £39,181 after two years, upon satisfactory completion of probation. (Salary including allowances.) It will then increase each year up to over £54,000 within seven years.
  • On promotion to the next police rank – sergeant – you can earn over £57,000. Most officers apply for sergeant after five years as a constable.
  • Some of our graduates seek promotion after they have successfully completed our two-year programme and you can get support from Police Now with this.

By joining through Police Now, you’ll have access to a wide range of support throughout the Met Police recruitment process.

  • Before you complete the immersive assessment, you will be provided with a handbook which will help you to better understand the format of the assessment and what to expect. As well as the opportunity to do a practice session before starting the real assessment. 
  • If invited to an assessment centre, you will be provided with relevant information to help you succeed. You can also request a pre-assessment centre coaching session, to help you feel confident and prepared. 
  • All candidates that are successful at the assessment centre and receive a conditional offer, will be allocated a dedicated recruitment officer to support with pre-employment checks and onboarding ahead of starting the programme. 
  • If you require any adjustments, such as an alternative assessment format or additional time at your assessment centre, you can contact [email protected] to discuss in confidence.

By joining the Metropolitan Police Service through Police Now’s national graduate programmes, you’ll benefit from our unique training and development designed to progress your career and your impact in policing:

We’re online and ready to help you.

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