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National Detective Programme

Become a police detective

Society is changing. People demand better, for our communities, and from our police service. You want change: a real way to tackle the problems destroying people’s lives. You question everything, never accepting things the way they are. Despite barriers, you’re willing to do what it takes to change the world around you. By becoming a police detective, you can make this happen.

As a police detective, you’re the most critical support for victims of crime. What you choose to do, working in policing with dedicated colleagues to change it from within, will affect lives and improve perceptions for generations to come. The challenge is great and so is the need for talented graduates to step up to protect society’s most vulnerable.

Together with our partner police forces, we want to make things better. Are you willing to do what it takes to change the story?

Society is best served by a representative police force. By bringing your unique skills and experiences into policing, we can transform communities.

Choosing to be a detective is a serious career choice. Detectives are focused, work well under pressure and respond quickly to new information with a determined, positive attitude.

A career as a detective offers a competitive starting salary and benefits package compared to other graduate career choices, alongside opportunities for long-term career development.

You also get a unique chance to have an immediate and positive impact on the most vulnerable people in society.

Are you looking for an exciting career challenge? If you’re empathic, resilient, and determined, then whatever your background, you could join the next generation of police detectives.

Are you ready for change?

Are you searching for a career that makes a real and tangible impact on the world around you? If you’re a graduate, and you’ve got the qualities needed to become a police detective, our programme can support you to bring your skills and experiences into solving some of society’s most challenging problems.

You may not have considered a career in policing before, and you will no doubt have a number of questions related to making this change. Are you right for the police? What does the role look like day to day? What will your work life balance be? How does the programme work?

Our detectives come from all backgrounds; we are interested in your experiences which have provided you with key skills which can be transferred into your new role.

From the very beginning, you’ll be working on big societal issues and developing skills for a lifetime.

Sim Kaur | Detective Constable

Would you like to challenge yourself by putting your skills to use in a different setting?

Our detectives come from a range of industries and sectors; we want you to bring your unique perspective, experiences, and ideas to the role.

Whatever sector you currently work in, the skills you have can be translated into a successful career as a police detective.

Skills such as resilience, teamwork, and emotional awareness are all critical to the role.

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Our National Detective Programme offers:

Supporting your career change

We offer a range of support to participants who retrain on our programmes:

Catherine Jolliffe | Detective Constable

Could this be you?

“I started my career in finance working with renewable energies, and then when I started my family, in order to do something a bit more flexible around having young children, I set up my own business and I was involved in that 10 years before joining the Police Now Programme.

I had actually never considered a career in the police. I was looking for something different. I wanted to be part of a bigger organisation. So that’s really where I started from, and I was struggling to find a career that fitted with my values because I’m quite a values-driven person, then I saw the Police Now campaign.”

Check that you are eligible to apply

Some of the key requirements you must meet include:

You cannot apply if you have previously attested and served as a police officer. However, you are eligible to apply if you are currently or have been a police cadet, special constable, PCSO or member of police staff for any force.

Applications now open

Applications OPENING SOON

Applications now closed

Applications for the Police Now National Detective Programme are now closed. If you’re interested in the programme, please register your interest for future intakes coming soon.

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