National Detective Programme

Crime case interactions

Crime case interactions

Are you open minded to how situations may play out in front of you? Are you solution-driven when investigating cases? Can you interact with individuals without judgement and remain impartial? Are you able to ask tough questions but remain respectful?

Can you support a member of the community emotionally? Do you effectively play your role in contributing to the work of policing?

These aspects will be at the heart of your experiences in these interactions, in order to ensure you have the right attributes and skills-set to operate in the mindset of a Trainee Detective Constable.

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What are we looking for?

The cornerstone of Police Now’s mission is to build confidence in communities challenged by crime. Whether you’re speaking to a victim or perpetrator of crime, a disgruntled member of the public – you’ll be an impartial and reliable individual in your role. Can you take into account others’ experiences and create situations which foster positive change?

This exercise is an opportunity to experience what the role of a Trainee Detective Constable is like on the ground. We’re interested in how you use your communication and problem-solving skills in a range of interactions.

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The role is about expecting the unexpected, about your ability to adapt, and build positive rapport with others. We look at how you bring your life experiences to bear in creating a safe, positive, trusted space for the public.

What you can expect

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Expect to be challenged. It’s not all plain sailing working in communities made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. As a Trainee Detective Constable, not everyone will agree with you and many will challenge you.

We’re interested in how you respond in new and challenging situations, your ability to build a positive rapport and how you reflect, self-assess and learn through experience.

These exercises are structured to see how you think, react, and respond in the kind of real-world community challenges as a Trainee Detective Constable building relationships with individuals. Again, be prepared to deal with the unexpected and remain resilient.

You may have interactions during your assessment centre where you will engage with members of the community and complete your duties as a police officer. These experiences are based on typical experiences you will find yourself in role. Before each situation use the time and information you are given to help you best  prepare for the interaction. Think of how you’ll go into each new scenario with a positive approach and how you’ll bring each situation to an end, either having resolved this issue or having a clear idea on what your next steps will be.

Extra Support

Do you feel you need extra support or any reasonable adjustments? Get in touch with our team.

We value your unique background and experiences. This may mean you will need extra support or reasonable adjustments to help you in your assessment centre experience. You’ll have full access to our selection team who can support your journey, so please make sure to discuss anything on your mind prior to the day.

What you need to know ahead of your assessment centre

We’ve put together a range of hints and tips to assist you in experiencing your digital assessment centre event.

We also encourage you to sign-up to one of our digital assessment centre information sessions.

What will happen afterwards?

We’ll be in touch again within two weeks to let you know your outcome, and you will also receive feedback on your performance in the assessment centre at this time.

Do you need to chat to someone about the digital assessment centre?

Our team will be happy to support you with any technical queries or guidance on participating in our digital assessment centre. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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