Digital assessment centre hints and tips

Guidance for candidates

Our assessment centre gives you an insight into the role of a Trainee Detective Constable on our National Detective Programme. It is also a great opportunity for us to get to know you. Our best advice is to be yourself and enjoy the session.

We are going to be conducting our assessment centres for the National Detective Programme digitally. These will be hosted via the online video conferencing software, Zoom. The exercises for the event have been designed to be delivered virtually, and you will be scored against the same framework and criteria that you would have been at face-to-face assessment centres.

How to prepare

If you are invited to one of our digital assessment centres you will get access to further support via your candidate portal. This includes a recording of an information session that is designed to give you further practical information on what to expect and areas to think about ahead of the event. A member of the recruitment team will also attempt to contact you by phone ahead of your assessment centre by to check you are all set for the day.

What happens on the day of the digital assessment centre?

We appreciate that for many, the digital assessment centre will be a new experience. We want you to feel comfortable and able to perform your best. Here are a few points to provide you with an overview of how the event will play out.

Tary Kufa - National Detective Programme
Tary Kufa | Trainee Detective Constable

What else you need to know ahead of the day

Access to laptop / computer

During the digital assessment centre, you will take part in a variety of exercises. These exercises require you to access materials that you need to be able to read comfortably and, in some cases, type responses. Therefore, it is a requirement that all candidates be able to use a laptop or computer in order to complete these exercises, as it will not be possible to do so without. Some candidates have joined the assessment centre via their smart phone and had a laptop or computer next to them to use during these exercises, which is acceptable. If you feel you will not have the required equipment, please notify us immediately.

Camera and microphone

We require all candidates to have their camera switched on during their assessments. It is important to enable you to connect with your assessor and meet your fellow candidates. In addition, it is important that you can be heard clearly via your computer microphone. At the start of the event, the facilitator will test this to see if we can clearly hear you. If there are any complications regarding clarity, then we may need to reschedule your digital assessment centre to ensure we can assess your performance fairly.

Internet connection

Make sure you have a strong, stable internet connection via WiFi – if you have a weak connection, or if you are unsure, connect via an Ethernet cable. It’s also advisable that you have installed the latest version of your chosen browser – we advise that you use Google Chrome to access the materials at the event. Moving closer to your wireless router can also improve the quality of your internet connection.

Technical difficulties

If you do encounter any technical difficulties while joining or during the assessment centre, we will have dedicated staff on hand to assist you – you will be provided with their contact information. If this does happen, please do not worry, we will assist you in any way we can and, if needed, reschedule your digital assessment centre.

Right to work and proof of address

On the day of the digital assessment centre, it is essential you bring the following documents with you. This is to enable us to confirm your right to work status and identity for our records, and if your application is successful, to support your force allocation and to be able to start pre-employment vetting without delay. You can upload your documents in your portal under the assessment centre further information section. For the full list of acceptable documents please follow this link. Please note the size of the documents you upload to your candidate portal cannot be more than 5MB. You can copy and paste a scan or picture of your documents into Microsoft Word and upload.

The documents you have must be the documents that you originally uploaded ahead of the assessment centre:

  1. 1. Proof of right to work status;
  2. 2. Proof of address; and
  3. 3. Proof of driving licence if required for your force preference.

Your name must match the name given on your application form, or you must provide documentation to show an official change of name. Your proof of address must also match the address on your application form. If your name or address in your documents do not match your application form, please update this in your candidate portal.

Dress code

There is no expectation for you to dress in formal business attire. You may choose to do so to get yourself ready and prepared for the day. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable to do your best at the event.

Home disturbances

We also recognise that most of you will be joining our digital assessment centre from your home. Therefore, some of you may have young children, housemates or pets that may disturb you or appear behind you on camera. Whilst we recommend that you are in a quiet environment so that you can complete the session with no interruptions or distractions, please be reassured that all of our assessors are aware of this challenge you may face, and you will not be penalised if any of these situations occur. Your assessor will be in control of the progression of your assessment and may be able to allocate extra time if a considerable interruption occurs.

Timings of event

The assessment centre can take up to five hours to complete. There will be some natural breaks between exercises to allow you to step away from the screen, and we recommend candidates have access to water/refreshments to stay hydrated.

Extra Support

Do you feel you need extra support or any reasonable adjustments? Get in touch with our team.

We value your unique background and experiences. This may mean you will need extra support or reasonable adjustments to help you in your assessment centre experience. You’ll have full access to our selection team who can support your journey, so please make sure to discuss anything on your mind prior to the day.

Have any other questions?

If you have any further questions about any of the above, then please do contact our team.

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