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Reflective session

Reflective session

Do you learn from challenges? Are you able to process your own experiences, reflect on them and learn new approaches? Can you adapt in the face of this new understanding to create positive and lasting change?

As a Trainee Detective Constable, you’ll face new and challenging situations all the time. It’s therefore important to remember that you won’t get everything right all of the time.

This aspect will be at the heart of this exercise and experience, in order to examine your ability to assess your own performance each day, adapt it, and be able to communicate this with others.

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What are we looking for?

This is your chance to reflect on the experiences you’ve had throughout your assessment event. We want you to keep notes of how you honestly assess your performance, what you’ve learned and particularly, what your mistakes have led you to understand.

We’re interested in your ability to be self-critical, to draw positive lessons from the situations you experience, and to see how you can use your experiences to improve and develop your own knowledge.

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Here are some questions you may ask of yourself:

What you can expect

Expect to reflect on your day. You’ll be put in a number of unfamiliar situations and your assessment centre experience will be mentally and emotionally challenging. It’s important you know how to decompress, organise your thoughts and process your emotions.

At the end of the assessment centre, you’ll have time for reflection and regrouping around what you’ve learned to form new approaches as you will undertake an assessed conversation with one of the Police Now assessors.

Do take notes, and take the time to reflect on your experience, what works, what doesn’t and what you might do differently in the future.

Extra Support

Do you feel you need extra support or any reasonable adjustments? Get in touch with our team.

We value your unique background and experiences. This may mean you will need extra support or reasonable adjustments to help you in your assessment centre experience. You’ll have full access to our selection team who can support your journey, so please make sure to discuss anything on your mind prior to the day.

What you need to know ahead of your assessment centre

We’ve put together a range of hints and tips to assist you in experiencing your digital assessment centre event.

We also encourage you to sign-up to one of our digital assessment centre information sessions.

What will happen afterwards?

We’ll be in touch again within two weeks to let you know your outcome, and you will also receive feedback on your performance in the assessment centre at this time.

Do you need to chat to someone about the digital assessment centre?

Our team will be happy to support you with any technical queries or guidance on participating in our digital assessment centre. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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