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Everyone deserves to feel safe in the place they live.

Become a neighbourhood police officer.

National Graduate Leadership Programme

For every neighbourhood, street corner, home. For every child, caregiver, loved one.  For every life. Every neighbourhood deserves to feel safe, with police officers they can trust. 

Every neighbourhood needs a leader to support and strengthen their community. As a neighbourhood police officer, you can stop crime before it happens. You can build a better tomorrow. 

You can help communities rocked by injustice and plagued by crime to trust the police. You can build a diverse police service, one that serves each and every member in our society. You can be the one to turn a life from the wrong path onto the right one.

For your ambitions, career goals, promotionsFor every brave new idea and the lives you’ll change. For a graduate career where leadership drives change, become a neighbourhood police officer with Police Now.

Our two-year National Graduate Leadership Programme gives you the opportunity to make our society better from day one. 

With a competitive salary, career progression and promotion opportunities, and leadership development training, our award winning graduate scheme helps you use your degree, your background and your ideas in a role that really matters.  

Become a neighbourhood police officer. 


Ambition Career Goal Promotion

"What attracted me to the National Graduate Leadership Programme was the career progression, the responsibility you get and the structure to the programme."
Emma Adams, Police Now graduate.

Be a visible leader in your community

The graduates who choose Police Now want more. More than a 9-5, and more than a regular graduate scheme. They want to see the difference they’re making each day: in communities, in society, and in individual lives. They want to bring their diverse backgrounds, their experiences and their ideas into visible roles across England and Wales. They want to right the wrongs they see in constructive and positive ways.​

They want to build long-term relationships inside of communities. They see the bigger picture and can put together services in neighbourhoods to help people, to create solutions that allow communities to flourish.​

Whether working to improve the systems and status quo within policing or on the frontline of society’s most challenging problems, you bring your perspective, your unique ideas, and your passion to the role in each and every moment. Our programme is a way for you to use your top level leadership skills, your problem solving, your strategic thinking, and your decision making to really change people’s lives.

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Our programme is:

Police Constable James Pullen

James Pullen

Police Now graduate

For Every


As a neighbourhood police officer, it’s your job to engage with your community.

You’ll work with those around you to identify problems and devise new ways to tackle the issues faced by involving everyone in your community. If you know how to prioritise, manage, investigate and go the extra mile, a neighbourhood policing role is for you.

You’re a graduate and you want to make a positive impact

Join over 2,000 outstanding graduates on the frontline, tackling our nation’s most pressing problems. Lead the future of our nation as a neighbourhood police officer and after the programme, rise up the ranks to continue having impact at a senior level.

A unique chance to explore many different areas of policing

A role with career progression and responsibility from day one

Not your usual desk job, but a proactive role helping communities

A structured programme focused on leadership development skills

Being a Police Now graduate allows you to fight for change

Continuous leadership skills development

Join over 3,000 outstanding graduates on the frontline, tackling our nation’s most pressing problems. Lead the future of our nation as a neighbourhood police officer and after the programme, rise up the ranks to continue having impact at a senior level.

Miriam Chapman-Rosenfeld The Met Police

Miriam Chapman-Rosenfeld

Police Now graduate

Developing leadership skills as a neighbourhood police officer #SkillsForLife

Obinna Anoliefo

Police Now graduate

Why I joined the Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme #CareerProgression

Career progression

Detective Inspector Upile Mtitimila started his career on the National Graduate Leadership Programme and continues to rise through the ranks, changing people’s lives.

Work each day in a role where your leadership drives change. Influence for generations as a neighbourhood police officer.

Upile Mtitimila

Dorset Police

Police Now | Dorset Police
Scott Chilton - Dorset Police Chief Constable

Scott Chilton

Chief Constable

National Graduate Leadership Programme

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