We have a number of partnership opportunities at Police Now no matter the area of expertise of your organisation; each one offers a variety of valuable and rewarding benefits.

We have an award-winning four-stage recruitment process which ensures not only the diversity of our officers but also the calibre. You will have the opportunity to promote your organisation to our exceptional officers through a variety of events while they are on the programme and through our online portal thereafter. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work with our outstanding future leaders during secondments placed within your company. This ensures that our officers consider your organisation when deciding where their next impact will be on completion of the Police Now two-year leadership development programme.

We enable our corporate supporters to get involved in transforming communities via our innovative community engagement programmes. Your employees work alongside our officers to identify and implement solutions to real crime issues. Using their skills together, they can make a disproportionate impact in some of the most deprived communities across England.

Your employees can feel challenged and empowered in their roles by volunteering their time and skills to our officers. It’s a great opportunity to network with and support our motivated and enthusiastic future leaders at the start of their careers. By working with Police Now you will be making a real difference to your employees’ development, our participants and the community.

Supporting us can involve anything from sponsoring a one-off event to supporting an innovative community project. We also offer tailored packages. Our aim is to ensure a long-term partnership of mutual interest that helps you to meet your corporate objectives and raise your company’s profile.