Why You Should Support Police Now



“Police Now offers recent Graduates unparalleled immersion in society and culture. That experience is highly attractive to us as an employer”.

– Jon Steel, Group Planning Director WPP

Police Now needs both public and private sector support to ensure we can continue investing in sustainable and effective solutions to the issues facing Britain’s most deprived communities.

Police Now refuses to accept that disadvantage should determine life chances. Children growing up in social housing are 37% more likely to become victims of crime. Meanwhile, policing the most deprived communities costs the UK economy £9 billion a year. Police Now is trying to change this. We believe that nothing is impossible and we are working towards a day when there is no link between crime, deprivation and people’s life chances.

Police Now is a charity unlike any other and we have grown rapidly since our first intake of participants in 2015. This year, Police Now will be the face of neighbourhood policing for seven million people, with over 360 officers spread nationally throughout 19 forces in England.

We are already seeing significant improvements in public confidence in the communities where we work. By 2020, with your support, we can achieve real transformation – a reduction in crime and a reduced level of deprivation. Partner with Police Now and help us to build an incredible movement that will influence generations to come.

If you have any further queries or you would like to partner with Police Now, you can contact the development team at development@policenow.org.uk.