Performance Development Coaches

Our Performance Development Coaches (PDC) are crucial to delivering Police Now’s mission. They provide invaluable leadership coaching and support to our participants throughout their two-year programme.

PDCs work with participants to develop innovative plans and set ambitious goals to enable development throughout the two-year programmes. They push to the limit, raising their vision, so participants can deliver their absolute best in support of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.

“Police Now’s Performance Development Coaches are key to our mission of transforming our most challenged communities. PDCs make a real difference, enabling our participants to thrive and increase the impact they can have, by providing invaluable coaching and support throughout the two-year programmes. As we continue to develop and grow, we expect there will be various opportunities in the future for PDCs to develop themselves and progress in their own careers with Police Now.”

– David Spencer, CEO and Co-founder

Leadership Development Officer

A day in the life of a Performance Development Coach

Read Andy’s blog as he takes you on a journey over a single day in the life of an PDC. Every day’s filled with new challenges and experiences.

The Importance of Performance Development Coaches

“My Performance Development Coach has been invaluable to my experience on the programme. They’ve supported, mentored and coached me through the two years and beyond. They’ve taught me to challenge myself and have confidence in my abilities as a neighbourhood police officer. They also been there for a chat and a coffee when I’ve needed it. I am a better version of myself as a result of their commitment to me” – Detective Constable Mtitimila 

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“When I socialise with my policing mentors, all we ever talk about is policing. When I talk to my PDC, we talk about the bigger picture stuff. These are the kinds of conversations that really add value. Performance Development Coaches are part of the whole Police Now journey. I couldn’t imagine my Police Now experience without my PDC”

– Police Constable Greenstreet

Meet our participants

Policing is a uniquely challenging, high pressure environment. Participants in our programmes take responsibility for a community of up to 20,000 people and challenging caseloads, right from the start of their experience with us.

They’re involved in tackling entrenched local and national crime problems, improving confidence in the police and reducing people’s concerns about crime.

They can also be faced with difficult individuals, subjected to verbal intimidation and even physical assault. Despite these pressures, police officers need to display a level of emotional resilience so they can deal with the victims of crime in a sensitive and considerate manner.

This is why participants’ PDCs are so crucial to the delivery of the programme. They provide invaluable support and guidance, helping participants to build their resilience and develop strategies to excel in their role as police officers.

Along the way they can be exposed to distressing situations, with the potential to affect them emotionally. They will deal with vulnerable individuals, people with mental health issues, cases of domestic assault and deaths.


I joined Police Now as an PDC in 2017. It’s a role that’s been incredibly fulfilling. Sharing my experiences with new recruits, developing their skills and pushing them to be the best they can be, is immensely rewarding.

Graeme, Performance Development Coach

Our Performance Development Coaches

Our team of PDCs support our participants throughout their two-year Police Now national graduate programme. They provide the highest standards of professional development, coaching and mentoring to every recruit, across both our programmes.

Each PDC coaches around 60 talented women and men starting out in their career as police officers. We’ve grown from only three PDCs in 2016, to a team of 20, developing and coaching over 1,000 participants so far. We continually evaluate and refine our coaching and development offer, ensuring it is laser focused on participants being the best they can be and working towards achieving the mission.

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