Police Now – Day 2 Assessments


Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable festive period and are ready to join us for what will be a very exciting year ahead for the Police Now programme!

We’re at the stage where the Assessment Centres have been completed and those who were successful have been offered places on the programme and have accepted. To all those who attended the Assessment Centres, we thank you sincerely for your participation. Our assessors and observers were very impressed by the high calibre of the candidates they encountered. May I offer commiserations to all those who did not make it through on this occasion. The competition for places on the Police Now programme was extremely high and some tough decisions had to be made. I would encourage you not to feel disheartened and to apply again in future, either via Police Now or one of the other methods of entry into the Met. We can never have enough talent!

To those who were successful, may I congratulate you all on behalf of the Police Now team! We are very confident that from the Assessment Centres, we have managed to assemble a cohort of the brightest and best from a group of already exceptionally talented individuals and we are looking forward to working with you over the course of the two year programme and beyond. I am sure you will all be an asset to the Metropolitan Police whatever the length of your service and London will benefit immensely from all you have to offer.

The next stage is the Day 2 assessments – you’re almost there! These days will focus on your medical health and your fitness. The medical assessments will check your hearing, eyesight, urine, blood pressure, height/weight (BMI) and breathing. There will be drugs tests as well. The job-related fitness test involves a multi-stage shuttle run (also known as a bleep test) so don’t forget your sportswear. Candidates will have to be able to run to level 5.4.

As a new DWO you will be fully warranted police officers and sometimes being a police officer is physically demanding job. In order to keep yourself, your colleagues and the public safe, it is necessary that you’re fit and healthy enough to carry out your duties. For more info: click here.

A few of us officers in the Police Now team will be hovering around during the Day 2 assessment days so come and say hi or ask any questions that you may have!

Looking forward to seeing you all then! Good Luck!