Police Now – The Assessment Centres


We’ve spent the last week at the Police Now Assessment Centre starting to identify which of our 1,248 applicants are going to join us next summer as members the first Police Now cohort. The assessment centre really is tough but it’s designed to enable candidates to demonstrate how great they are rather than to catch anyone out.

Some of the candidates we’ve seen so far really have been fantastic – not just intelligent but professional, sensitive and impactful communicators who understand the complexities of policing diverse communities. They’re brimming with common sense, new ideas and are clearly committed to making a difference on behalf of the public that police officers serve.

If you’re coming to our assessment centre over the coming weeks then you’re probably wondering what to expect. Throughout the day you’ll complete a range of exercises that are based on the work of our Dedicated Ward Officers working in London. As part of the exercises you’ll be tested against the Police Now competencies:

  • Motivation & Commitment – Motivated and committed to policing and the Police Now mission
  • Innovation – Developing innovative, evidence based solutions to community problems
  • Leadership – Making local change happen and bringing people along with the change
  • Communicating with impact – Convey messages and interacts effectively with diverse groups of people
  • Public Service – Building effective relationships with the members of the public to increase confidence in policing and reduce crime
  • Collaboration – Develops effective relationships internally and externally to support the proactive community work being delivered
  • Delivering Results – Manages the implementation of quality solutions in line with plans and priorities
  • Managing Yourself – Shows persistence, resilience and self-management across all work situations

It’s a pretty intensive day so get a decent night’s sleep before you arrive and make sure that you’re on time!

If you want to hear from one of the grads who joined the Met relatively recently then take a look at this blog written by PC Rhona Hunt. She talks about some of the great things about policing as well as some of the frustrations.

Over the last week it has been humbling to meet so many people who are genuinely committed to making a difference in some of our most challenged communities. In the last post we talked about how being part of Police Now was about being part of a movement of people who were determined to make a difference, transform communities and inspire others. Based on the last week we’re confident we’re going to find the fifty people who are going to be at the centre of that movement.