Results from our poll with Sergeant Park-Paul


We asked you:

If you were a Neighbourhood Police Officer, what would you do?

Obscene acts of graffiti have, over recent weeks gone up on the walls of an old building, which directly overlooked by the local primary school.

Would you:

  1. Speak to the council about installing temporary CCTV, this could take two weeks or more
  2. Include this area into your patrol –effective immediately
  3. Don’t act on the incident as you don’t want to worry parents.

Here is what you voted –

Tom PP Poll POst V4

We asked Sergeant Park-Paul about what he would do in his role as a Neighbourhood Police Officer if he was faced with our poll question scenario from Monday.

Here is his answer:

Incidents like this have an immediate, and sometimes lasting impact on the community.

When people see acts of vandalism or anti-social behaviour, it not only encourages criminality, but also seriously dents community confidence. You might have heard this described as the ‘Broken Windows Theory’ – the theory that says if you crack down on minor crimes, it will help to prevent major crimes.

More pressing though, is the harm those offenses could cause to the young people who are exposed to them.

My biggest priority would be to get out on foot patrol in the area, both to deter the offenders and reassure the community that we took the matter seriously. If additional officers were available, we could look into deploying them in plain clothes, which would increase the chances of catching the suspect red-handed.

I would also immediately begin working with my local authority to remove or paint over the graffiti and initiate the (sometimes lengthy) procedure of getting cameras installed to both deter and identify the offenders.

If you would like to learn more about the role of a Neighbourhood Police Officer, click on the link below to play the Impact Challenge.