Three months with Police Now


It is with a touch of sadness that I write this as it signals the end (for now anyway!) of my 3 month journey with Police Now. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past 3 months and cast my thoughts forward in excited anticipation of the Police Now Summer Academy.

I thought that being a uniformed response Sergeant from Hackney would more than adequately prepare me for the challenge ahead, not uncommon but how wrong I was. Working as part of a small team with the task of delivering the Summer Academy training and logistics, the scale of the task ahead was quickly apparent. What was also clearly apparent however, was the overwhelming sense of positivity and drive that existed within the team. Credit to Tor (Garnett) and Dave (Spencer) for generating and maintaining this momentum, skills that have had a profound and lasting effect on me and my ability to be an effective leader in the MPS.

As the days and weeks flew by, I was in awe of the volume and quality of work being generated. Training precedents were being set, the boundaries of what was accepted as the norm were being pushed to new limits with innovation and invention being at the heart of everything. The culmination of these efforts will come to fruition at the Summer Academy on 20th July.

I remember my own Police training with fond memories, yet I look on with envy at the training package that awaits my colleagues in waiting come July. As a keen sportsperson I try to adhere to the analogy of “train to play sport, not play sport to train”. The same training analogy could be applied to Police Now where the concept of “learning it on Borough” will form part of the training where for 15 evenings during the Academy 4 busy London Boroughs will provide the platform for the Police Now recruit to apply their knowledge in real life situations. Quite simply, what better preparation could there be?

From a personal perspective, the certainty is that my own development has been immeasurable from my Police Now experience, and for that I am truly thankful. However, what is fundamentally more important, the greatest certainty in my mind is that in a few months time a handful of our city’s communities will be able to boast that their Designated Ward Officer was a product of Police Now, and how lucky those Communities will be!

Alun Davies is a Response team Sergeant from Hackney Borough. Alun recently completed a three month attachment with Police Now focusing on training and the Summer Academy. An avid supporter of Police Now, Alun wishes all involved with the Summer Academy a prosperous and unforgettable experience.