BECOME A SYNDICATE LEAD A key role in the participants journey at the Summer Academy

Syndicate Lead and Stream Managers

During our academies, Syndicate Leads and Stream Managers are crucial to the development and training of our participants. They play a key role in the delivering of Police Now’s mission through training, teaching, leading and mentoring participants through their first steps to becoming a trainee detective constable or neighbourhood police officer.

Syndicate Leads and Stream Managers are seconded operational Sergeants and Inspectors from our partner police forces and come with the participants to help them learn the basics of being a detective or neighbourhood police officer. They bring the expertise of being an operational police officer and share their lived experience of the role – Syndicate Leads may well be from the force participants land in, so you will be a friendly face throughout the two-year programme.

For our pilot cohort
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of Syndicate Leads were satisfied with their experience at the Detective Academy, with higher satisfaction reported in stream two

If you are interested in applying to be a Syndicate Lead or Stream Manager please contact us to be put in contact with your force’s SPOC who can share the application form.

“Syndicate Leads are one of the single biggest reasons for the success of the Police Now programmes and our academies. The Police Now academies are a hugely intensive start to the two-year Police Now programmes where we aim to prepare our participants to become highly able police officers with a real focus on solving entrenched problems and making a real difference as leaders in local communities.

As a PC, Sergeant or Inspector taking on the role of Syndicate Lead, you will play an integral part in developing and shaping those joining policing through the Police Now programmes to ensure that they are well prepared to join the police service. As well as having the opportunity to shape the formative experiences of new police officers, we also aim to provide Syndicate Leads with an unrivalled period of professional development so that you are able to leave the academy with new skills that will support you in progressing in your own careers.”

– David Spencer, CEO and Co-founder

The experience of a previous Stream Manager

Read Anthony’s testimony of his experience of being a Stream Manager at the 2019 National Graduate Leadership Programme Academy. Anthony shares the highlights and realities of the role of Stream Manager and how much it has shaped him as an officer and as a person.

The importance of Syndicate Leads

“My Syndicate Lead has massively helped my development and pushed me further as an officer and as an individual by encouraging me to take part in activities which I would normally sit back in. My Syndicate Lead has been so impactful when it came to asking questions and answering them, I felt very comfortable approaching them about anything and everything as they have built a good rapport with us. They were the highlight of the academy and have inspired me at such an early stage of my career.”

– National Graduate Leadership Programme participant, Summer Academy 2019

“My Syndicate Lead had a massive impact on me personally and I believe all of our syndicate. He was there at all sorts of times to help us with anything we needed and ensured he got an answer. His direct approach was perfect for the academy as we always knew if we had done something wrong and how to adjust this using the feedback he gave us. I hope the next cohort are lucky enough to have him back as a Syndicate Lead as he has developed us loads”

– National Graduate Leadership Programme participant, Summer Academy 2019

94% participants from both London and Manchester National Graduate Leadership Programme academies stated that their Syndicate Lead had a positive impact on their development as a police officer. Many using words such as encouraging, supportive, inspirational and knowledgeable.

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