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Police Now’s mission is to transform communities by recruiting, developing, and inspiring leaders in policing.


In a similar way to Teach First (primary and secondary schools), Think Ahead (adult social care) and Frontline (children’s social work) Police Now is a social enterprise that promotes public service in some of the UK’s most challenged areas among high achieving graduates.

The programme offers intellectual challenge, a fast-paced learning environment and responsibility for transformational change from the word go.

The emphasis is on rallying the country’s brightest and most innovative graduates, harnessing their overwhelming desire to make a positive difference in the communities that need us most, and giving them the tools and training they need to have a genuine positive disproportionate impact.

The programme is not a fast-track promotion scheme and officers are not guaranteed promotion at the end of their two years. However, the two years on the programme are equivalent to a new recruit’s probationary period, meaning they can choose to continue their career as a police officer upon finishing the programme.

Whilst we are looking to recruit graduates, we understand that academic potential is not everything, which is why we assess each candidate’s commitment to public service at each stage of their application.

Police forces


During the five years that Police Now has been operating, we have worked with 30 police forces across England and Wales. We welcome the opportunity for more forces to partner with us across our national graduate programmes.



Private and public sector


Police Now needs both public and private sector support to ensure we can continue investing in sustainable and effective solutions to the issues facing Britain’s most deprived communities.




Become a force partner

Over five years we’ve partnered with 30 police forces across England and Wales to provide career opportunities nationwide.


How we attract and recruit brilliant graduates:

Award-winning recruitment process: We’re working to recruit, train and develop a diverse group of graduates that are representative of the communities they serve. We have a supportive but challenging assessment and selection process which is award winning and supports us in progressing candidates that have the strengths and aptitude to be great neighbourhood police officers and trainee detectives. Our intensive training academy and two-year development programme is also award winning and has been developed for graduates.

Degree-holders: Graduates joining our programmes hold degrees in a broad range of disciplines, from Art through the Zoology. This makes for a wealth of interests and experiences and brings with it diversity of thought, particularly around problem solving.

Times Top 100 highest climber: We are the highest climber in the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers directory, at 47th place. This result reflects students open responses to the question: ‘Which organisation do you think offers the best opportunities for graduates?’ This year more than 1,500 employers were voted for by final year students which shows that our employer brand has developed real traction and is recognised as offering great opportunities to graduates, which we will build on going forward.

Multiple diversity awards: Police Now has won three Diversity awards: Institute of Student Employers Recruitment Award for Best Diversity and Inclusion Award, Employer Brand Management Award for Best Diversity Brand and TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Award for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.


For more information about our force partnerships


Read our FAQs for forces considering becoming a partner.

Interested in becoming a Police Now partner force?


Contact our Force Partnerships Team at [email protected]

Your impact

By joining a Police Now national graduate programme you’ll be able to positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable in society.


View our Impact Report

Young people’s confidence in the police has increased by 17% in the communities where Police Now neighbourhood police officers operate.

National Graduate Leadership Programme

Recruiting graduates to train as neighbourhood police officers and become leaders in society on the policing frontline.



National Detective Programme

Attracting outstanding graduates to become trainee detectives, who learn core policing skills required in modern investigative work.




Assessment & selection process

Our award-winning assessment and selection process is designed to identify candidates who are committed to public service.




Partnership opportunities


Policing the most deprived communities costs the UK economy £9 billion a year. Police Now is trying to change this.


We believe that nothing is impossible and we are working towards a day when there is no link between crime, deprivation and people’s life chances. Police Now needs both public and private sector support to ensure we can continue investing in sustainable and effective solutions to the issues facing Britain’s most deprived communities.

There are a number of partnership opportunities at Police Now for organisations; each one offers a variety of valuable and rewarding benefits.


Invest in graduate futures

We have an award-winning four-stage recruitment process which ensures not only the diversity of our officers but also the calibre. You will have the opportunity to promote your organisation to our exceptional officers through a variety of events while they are on the programme and through our online portal thereafter.


Transform communities

We enable our corporate supporters to get involved in transforming communities via our innovative community engagement programmes. Your employees work alongside our officers to identify and implement solutions to real crime issues. Using their skills together, they can make a disproportionate impact in some of the most deprived communities across England.

Engaging your employees

Your employees can feel challenged and empowered in their roles by volunteering their time and skills to our officers. It’s a great opportunity to network with and support our motivated and enthusiastic future leaders at the start of their careers. By working with Police Now you will be making a real difference to your employees’ development, our participants and the community.


Supporting us can involve anything from sponsoring a one-off event to supporting an innovative community project. We also offer tailored packages. Our aim is to ensure a long-term partnership of mutual interest that helps you to meet your corporate objectives and raise your company’s profile.

“PA Consulting is proud to support Police Now. We have a long history working with the police and across the justice system to help them meet new challenges and innovate. Police Now is an exciting concept and we are delighted to be supporting the organisation as it continues to grow and succeed.”


– Neil Amos, Head of Policing & Justice at PA Consulting

Partner with us and together we’ll have the power to make a sustainable long-term impact on society.

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