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A day in the life of a Leadership Development Officer

A day in the life of a Leadership Development Officer

Hi, my name’s Andy and I’m a Leadership Development Officer at Police Now.


I’m adding the finishing touches to this blog while on the train heading back home from work. I wanted to take you on a journey into what my life looks like in this role on a day-to-day basis. This is just one day and it’s filled with new challenges and experiences. I don’t think I’ve had two days the same in this role. I love the variety.

“Today, I’m meeting a Police Now officer at their police station, another officer in their local coffee shop and then heading into the office to work on developing our next skill session to better prepare our officers to meet the demands of our Leadership Development Programme.



I work with Police Now officers in the Met and in forces as far afield as Merseyside. The travel is demanding but I feel a great sense of support from my managers and my team. There are times where I am travelling and working away from home but I know my colleagues are just a phone call away. I definitely enjoy the challenge of being flexible and adaptable with my working patterns. 

Our Police Now officers or participants are at the centre of everything I do. I am about to get on a train to meet one of my officers. We are going to discuss their professional development and the impact they are having in their local neighbourhoods. I’ve been trained to have these important coaching conversations, but I’ve also brought a lot of experiences and knowledge from my previous life as a teacher. I’m looking forward to seeing what my participant is doing well, but also keen to stretch them and guide them to making a greater impact in their role.

I was quite daunted the first time I stepped into a police station. Every station is different and it’s a place I had never been before. I’ve enjoyed gaining a deeper insight into the great work that the police are doing and building positive professional relationships with sergeants, inspectors and other ranking officers. It’s a privilege being able to influence and work with these key individuals to gain a deeper appreciation of the Police Now values and mission.

Back at the office now, it’s a great chance to reconnect and reflect on my practice as a coach with a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds. We have former police officers, teachers and consultants to name but a few of us. Being able to share expertise within the team has given me the opportunity to develop my professional skills as a coach, and more broadly, as an individual.

A coffee shop is not the usual place you would expect to meet a police officer, but as an LDO we often meet the participants out in the field in places where they feel most comfortable. There is a good balance between being out on the road and being in the office. It brings great variety. There is also diversity in the roles we undertake. I can coach, mentor, teach, monitor well-being, project manage, assess and innovate all in the space of one week. “

Part of the Police Now’s mission is to transform communities by recruiting, developing, and inspiring leaders in policing. I think our participants can do a fantastic job working on these aspects independently. The third part of Police Now’s vision is to transform communities. I believe this is where the role of LDO is so important. We are perfectly placed to stretch and challenge our participants to develop themselves as young professionals who make a tremendous impact in their communities. During my time as an LDO with Police Now, I hope to develop myself as a well-rounded professional who can coach and develop people effectively, and by doing so, make my contribution to the great work Police Now are doing around the country.

If you are interested in the Leadership Development Officer role, Apply Now. 

Andrew Campbell, Leadership Development Officer

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