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Divisional Commendation for Police Now officer

Divisional Commendation for Police Now officer

PC Karina Puttock, a neighbourhood officer with Sussex Police, has recently been awarded a Divisional Commendation for her work on anti-social behaviour (ASB), crime reduction and prevention. PC Puttock, who will be graduating from the Police Now National Graduate Leadership programme at the end of this month, has also been nominated by her Inspectors and Sergeants as the ASB champion for Crawley.


PC Puttock was recognised for her work on reducing ASB and disrupting organised crime groups (OCG) in a private housing complex in Crawley, along with her Prevention Team colleagues.  Anthony Cheeseman, Acting Inspector with Sussex Police and Police Now Stream Manager, said Karina was a credit to the force:

“She embodies doing the right thing for the right reasons and safeguarding is at the forefront of her partnership working. Karina has been able to build relationships with non-traditional business partners in a bid to share ownership in reducing crime and ASB within Sussex. Her efforts will have a positive lasting impact on future working relationships. Her tenacity, drive and working ethos have seen her recognised at this year’s West Sussex Divisional Awards Ceremony with members of her team.”

PC Puttock is passionate about reducing ASB and admits she has studied the legalities of ASB very closely. “As part of the Prevention Team, I use ASB legislation a lot and I think my inspectors and sergeants recognised this when they nominated me as an ASB champion. I’m quite passionate about solving ASB issues and I really like using it, I know how the system works and how I can get it through court.”

PC Puttock worked within her team to maximise foot patrols of the area, organised meetings with residents and worked with agencies to improve the community for residents. Although PC Puttock says she is pleased with the results on crime and ASB, there is still more work to be done:

“Part of the problem on this estate was mistrust in the police, and residents falling through the gaps. We built up good relationships with residents and tried to help those who were falling victim to cuckooing or had long term substance abuse or mental health problems.”

After two years on the Police Now programme, PC Puttock reflects “I am developing my expertise in the area of ASB, but in this job you can never know it all, and there are so many departments here dealing with many different crimes. In my role I swear out warrants, go to court for ASB legislation, get closure orders and criminal behaviour orders and liaise with contacts in other departments. Policing is a job where it would be impossible to know everything, I have so much respect for my colleagues in other departments, whom I have learnt a lot from. My current plan is to pass my probation, graduate and then stay with the Prevention Team, as I’ve enjoyed it so much.

Eventually, I’d like to take my Sergeant’s exam, spend some time on response and hopefully become a Police Now Syndicate Lead next year. I’d also like to tutor the next cohort of Police Now participants coming to Sussex Police, to support them in their policing career.”

After 2 years as a police officer, PC Puttock highlighted the “ups and downs” of the job and the satisfaction of making a difference within the Crawley community:

“It’s been a rollercoaster – in a good way – with very extreme ups and downs. I think until you do the job, you don’t know what to expect. Naturally, you don’t see the negatives until you start, the tragic horrible things you come across, or the mountains of paperwork, or barriers you meet when pushing for things you are passionate about, or people needing help who don’t meet the thresholds that I feel really need help. The police are often seen as the very last safety net, so when you do help someone, it really does feel great.”

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Police Now Officer PC Puttock with A/Inspector Cheeseman, Arundel Castle


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