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PC Barnard- Life at the Police Now Academy

30 July 2021

The seventh cohort of Police Now participants on the National Graduate Leadership Programme are due to start their Academy training next week, joining the 1,830 other police officers that have already been recruited and trained by Police Now across 33 forces in the UK over the last six years.

During the high intensity training Academy, they will learn, practise, and develop their knowledge and skills to be part of the policing frontline before they join their respective forces for the remainder of the two-year programme and beyond.

As this year’s Academy officially begins, we asked some of last year’s recruits to reflect on their time at the Academy and the role one year on.

Here is what Police Constable Jade Barnard from South Yorkshire Police had to say:

“Before joining Police Now I was a teacher. I stumbled across Police Now online and I really liked the idea that it was a graduate leadership route into policing, meaning I could use my skills from my degree as well as my experience in teaching.

The Academy certainly had long hours, but the reality is we need to be trained and trained to a high standard, which means we do need to work hard to cover all aspects of policing before we go in to force.

Officer Safety Training was eye opening. Hands down an amazing experience and made even better when you get to go home and practice on family! Also, as embarrassing as they were… I enjoyed the practical hands-on activities involving some imagination and acting in our seminars, like conducting interviews and practicing arrests.

[Since moving onto the Neighbourhood Policing Team with South Yorkshire Police] I’ve been involved in a variety of investigations including assaults, traffic offences, child protection concerns and missing persons. I’ve conducted multiple warrants and assisted with a number of cannabis set-ups in properties. Also, I work closely with the local council and conduct visits with residents to offer support through referrals such as for drug and or alcohol addiction.
I’ve loved every moment of being a part of my neighbourhood team. My colleagues are supportive and are more than willing to offer help and guidance when needed.”

"Hands down an amazing experience"

Jade Barnard 2

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