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Police Now officers making a difference

Police Now officers making a difference

At a recent Hundred Day Impact event, Met officer PC Surr, based in Kilburn High Road, presented his work on reducing the anti-social behaviour (ASB) at his neighbourhood’s crime hotspot: a chain restaurant.


PC Surr used CCTV to identify the schools the offenders attended from their uniform and he worked with the school staff to encourage punitive measures. Additionally, PC Surr met with the restaurant manager and security staff to implement a 20-point plan including switching off the public Wi-Fi after 3pm, removing computer tablets from the dining area, and providing staff with conflict management training.

PC Surr’s partnership work with the local schools and the restaurant had an immediate impact with the number of calls related to the restaurant dropping to zero.

In another case, PC Grotto, based in Westminster presented her work to reduce the number of massage parlours offering sexual services in Soho and Chinatown. It had become apparent that many of the workers at the six identified venues were victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. The venues were all operated by one organised criminal network that was involved in immigration fraud, money laundering and controlled prostitution for gain.

PC Grotto organised an operation involving more than 100 police officers to execute warrants simultaneously at each location. This ultimately lead to 24 arrests and 10 victims taken to a rescue centre. She also secured closure orders on all the venues. PC Grotto’s work attracted a lot of media attention, including a piece in the London Evening Standard.

If you would like to hear more about the work our participants are doing, you are welcome to join us at our next Hundred Day Impact event. Please email [email protected] for more information.


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