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Police Now’s National Detective Programme launch

Police Now’s National Detective Programme launch

Police Now’s National Detective Programme launched in March 2019.

Police Now’s CEO David Spencer introduces the mission and requirements behind the new Programme

“I’m pleased to announce that following the success of the Police Now National Graduate Leadership Development Programme, we have now launched a new Police Now National Detective Programme.”

The new National Detective Programme offers university graduates with at least two years’ post-university work experience the opportunity to consider switching career to become trainee detective constables. We are currently recruiting candidates from around the country through our new Police Now Detectives website, and our first Detective Academy will start in September 2019.

The National Detective Programme will train and develop graduates with strong leadership skills to become police officers and detectives. It is Police Now’s mission to transform communities, and we believe that outstanding police officers can help change lives. Just like our existing leadership development programme, the detective programme offers graduates a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in society. The new programme also offers to those who join the opportunity to contribute to the excellent work already being done up and down the country by colleagues already working in policing.

Successful applicants to the programme will become fully warranted police officers. Following an initial and highly intensive 12 weeks of training, during which officers will receive a blend of theoretical training and practical skills development, officers will spend two months in uniform on a response team. After this, officers will be deployed to detective teams, where they will be guided to take responsibility for investigating offences from early on in the programme.

Police officers in our existing leadership development programme have already started to achieve a huge amount in some of the most vulnerable communities around the country, and we hope that over time those on the Police Now National Detective Programme will be able to make a contribution to those communities


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