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Ten new detectives join Avon and Somerset Police via Police Now’s National Detective Programme

Ten new detectives join Avon and Somerset Police via Police Now’s National Detective Programme

Monday 27 June 2022

Police Now detectives joining Avon and Somerset Police and their academy trainer DS Hodgkiss

Ten new trainee Detective Constables join Avon and Somerset Police today (Monday 27th June) via Police Now’s National Detective Programme, having completed their initial academy training.

Their training began in March, when 170 new officers were attested at Police Now’s detective academy. The 14-week academy equipped participants with the core knowledge and skills required in modern investigative work, including managing crime scenes, making arrests, handling complex investigations, and first aid and officer safety training. Participants also sat their National Investigators’ Exam and completed field training shifts in Avon and Somerset Police’s Response and Criminal Investigation Departments.

Detective Sergeant Charlotte Hodgkiss, one of two experienced officers seconded from the force to train the new detectives at the academy, said: “I’ve been in force for eight years and am a detective specialising in domestic violence, rape and child abuse investigations. I joined Police Now’s academy to be able to help shape the next generation of detectives, and influence how they would hold themselves and the force accountable to the public.

“I have consistently been amazed at the passion, commitment, and growth that the students have demonstrated throughout their time at academy. This is a brilliant group of officers, whose continued passion I hope to see make an impact within their forces and help influence the future of policing.”

The new officers will now continue Police Now’s two-year National Detective Programme within their force, where they will be supported by Police Now coaches and force colleagues to play an integral part in solving crimes and supporting victims of crime across Avon and Somerset. They will also work towards their Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice in partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

Police Now detectives at the National Detective Academy

Applications for Police Now’s National Detective Programme are currently open.*

*at time of publication.


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