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Thirteen new detectives join Devon and Cornwall Police via Police Now’s National Detective Programme

Thirteen new detectives join Devon and Cornwall Police via Police Now’s National Detective Programme

Monday 27 June 2022

Police Now detectives joining Devon and Cornwall Police and their Academy Syndicate Lead (trainer) Marcus

Thirteen new trainee Detective Constables join Devon and Cornwall Police today (Monday 27th June) via Police Now’s National Detective Programme, having completed their initial academy training.

Their training began in March, when 170 new officers were attested at Police Now’s detective academy. The 14-week academy equipped participants with the core knowledge and skills required in modern investigative work, including managing crime scenes, making arrests, handling complex investigations, and first aid and officer safety training. Participants also sat their National Investigators’ Exam and completed field training shifts in Devon and Cornwall Police’s Response and Criminal Investigation Departments.

Trainee Detective Constable Megan Singleton joins Devon and Cornwall Police today via Police Now’s programme, from her previous career as a Data Analyst. She said: “The Police Now academy has been incredibly enjoyable. We have been lucky to be taught by very experienced serving and retired police officers, who have been both an inspiration and huge support to us all.

“The academy has prepared us well to go into force and get fully involved in serving our communities, and I am very excited for the next stage of this programme. It is challenging at times but very rewarding and we have all built great friendships. We are all looking forward to being in Devon and Cornwall Police to apply what we have learnt at academy and continue to build on the invaluable skills and knowledge we have gained.”


Trainee Detective Constable Paola Fantini also joins the force today via Police Now’s programme. Paola, originally from Italy, joins the service after working as a drama teacher in Canada and volunteering with refugees in York. She said: “It’s been an exciting journey from Italy, to Canada, to the University of York and finally to Police Now. I feel very excited and a little bit nervous to have reached this point, but I am thrilled to be landing in force where I can start to make a real difference to people’s lives as a detective constable.”

The new officers will now continue Police Now’s two-year National Detective Programme within their force, where they will be supported by Police Now coaches and force colleagues to play an integral part in solving crimes and supporting victims of crime across Devon and Cornwall. They will also work towards their Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice in partnership with the University of Huddersfield.


Detective Sergeant Marcus Hodges, an experienced officer seconded from the force to train the new detectives at the academy, said: “I joined Police Now’s academy to bring together my passions for training and crime investigation, using this to help shape the next generation of detectives for Devon and Cornwall. I have consistently been amazed at the passion, commitment, and growth that the students have demonstrated throughout their time at academy. These officers are an inspirational group of individuals who have shown continued passion, resilience and a keen desire to learn. I hope to see them use the skills and knowledge gained to make a positive impact within the force, and help influence the future of policing within our communities.

“It has been a pleasure working with these thirteen very enthusiastic participants throughout the academy, and I have seen them all develop their detective skills as the weeks have gone on. They have experienced shifts within Devon and Cornwall Police, and I have received very positive reports back from local supervisors. I look forward to seeing them land in force now that they have finished their training and see how they continue to develop over the two-year programme. This is the second cohort to arrive into Devon and Cornwall Police from Police Now and I believe that the programme has given these officers the best start in their detectives careers. I look forward to the force engaging further with Police Now and continuing to develop the future leaders within our crime departments.”

Police Now detectives at the National Detective Academy

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