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Latest cohort of neighbourhood police officers attested at Police Now’s academy

Latest cohort of neighbourhood police officers attested at Police Now’s academy

148 new police constables were attested at Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme academy last week, becoming some of the first police officers in the United Kingdom to pledge their allegiance to King Charles III.  

During Police Now’s intensive, seven-week residential academy the new officers will learn, practise and develop the knowledge and skills required of the modern police constable. They will then join their respective police forces across the country and work as neighbourhood police officers for the remainder of the two-year programme, where they will tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and increase the public’s confidence in the police service alongside their experienced force colleagues.

The new officers were addressed by West Midlands Police Assistant Chief Constable Matt Ward, Justice of the Peace and Deputy Bench Chair of East London Local Justice Area Tina Hayhow, and Head of Police Now Academy Jonathan Hinder. 

Assistant Chief Constable Matt Ward is the lead for improving trust and confidence in West Midlands Police and is the national policing lead for protecting Black people from victimisation and harm, as part of the Police Race Action Plan. He was also the Gold Commander throughout the Commonwealth Games 2022. 

Addressing the officers at their attestation ceremony, ACC Ward said: “It is genuinely my honour and delight to be one of the first senior officers to welcome you into UK policing. In a few moments, you’re going to say 96 words. Those 96 words are going to change your lives. 

“Remember why you joined and never forget that you are leaders for now and into the future. You have the opportunity to change the lives of others and I feel privileged to be here with you all today at the beginning of your policing journeys. I am excited to see what you’re going to bring to the service and look forward to seeing all of you at various stages throughout your careers, no doubt doing wonderful things locally, nationally and perhaps most importantly, for your communities.” 

Justice of the Peace and Deputy Bench Chair of East London Local Justice Area Tina Heyhow, who paid tribute to Her late Majesty the Queen during her address, led the officers in their attestation oath. She said: “Today is a hugely important day. It’s one to mark the official commencement of your service to the people of this country, but you’re also the first officers in the United Kingdom to swear your allegiance to King Charles III – it’s an immense honour and milestone that you should celebrate.” 

Whilst on Police Now’s programme, the new officers will also work towards their Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).  

Garry Shewan QPM, Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead at the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies, LJMU, said: “Liverpool John Moores University is excited to work with this new intake of Police Now constables. Now more than ever our communities want police officers to help transform their lives with safer and more confident places to live. We are looking forward to supporting these officers in their professional development, securing their ability to reduce and prevent crime.” 

The new officers follow over 2,450 other police constables and detective constables recruited and trained by Police Now over the last eight years, who are continuing to make a positive impact in communities across England and Wales.   

Assistant Chief Constable Matt Ward, West Midlands Police
Justice of the Peace and Deputy Bench Chair of East London Local Justice Area Tina Heyhow


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