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Over 220 Police Now detectives complete their academy training

Over 220 Police Now detectives complete their academy training

Friday 14th June 2024

A cohort of 227 trainee detective constables have completed Police Now’s intensive National Detective Programme academy today (Friday 14th June). This is the largest ever cohort of officers to complete Police Now’s detective academy – and includes for the first time a stream of officers joining Counter Terrorism Policing.

The officers have spent the last 13-weeks learning core policing and investigative skills at the national, residential academy. They will now join their respective forces across England and Wales to continue the two-year programme, where they will develop into resilient frontline detectives who support victims of crime, increase public trust and confidence in the service, and investigate complex cases within Criminal Investigation Departments.

This cohort of officers will be stationed across Devon and Cornwall Police, Gwent Police, Hertfordshire Police, Humberside Police, the Metropolitan Police Service, Staffordshire Police, Thames Valley Police, West Mercia Police and Wiltshire Police.

The 75 officers recruited to the Metropolitan Police Service are the first to join Police Now’s pilot Counter Terrorism Policing stream within the programme. The officers will train in Counter Terrorism Policing during the second year of the programme, where they will learn how to protect the UK from serious harm and threat by preventing, deterring, and investigating terrorist activity.

Police Now’s Head of the National Detective Programme Millie Tanner addressed the officers at their closing ceremony today. She said: “Completing this academy is an incredible achievement and you should be really proud of where you stand today, but you know that the real work starts here. My advice to you is this – show up, physically and mentally, put the work in, support your colleagues and allow them to support you. And go and play your part in transforming policing and communities.”

As a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer, Police Now brings a range of talent and backgrounds into the service, driving policing towards becoming truly reflective of the diverse communities it seeks to serve. Of those recruited to this cohort of the National Detective Programme, 67% identify as female, 15% are from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, 71% had never considered a career in policing before hearing about Police Now, and 27 languages are spoken across the cohort. Of the officers recruited to the Counter Terrorism Policing stream, 60% identify as female and 24% are from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background. 

Trainee Detective Constable Lydia Davies, who joins Devon and Cornwall Police via the programme, said: “We have finally completed the academy stage of the Police Now journey. The transition to police officer has been a challenging but rewarding one, building an investigative mindset to support the most vulnerable in society. I particularly enjoyed learning from leading officers in their fields from across the country. I start in Devon and Cornwall Police in the coming weeks and I’m excited to see what awaits in the next steps of becoming a detective.”

Trainee Detective Constable Bethany O’driscoll, who joins Humberside Police via the programme, said: “I decided to apply for the role of a detective constable through Police Now as it has always been a career I have wanted to do, because I wanted to be challenged and I wanted to gain new skills. I needed to have a great career. Police Now have been great throughout the entire process so far and I have loved every minute of the academy, it has taught me invaluable skills and I have had the time of my life. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and I am looking forward to taking the skills into force with me. I have made friends for life from forces nationwide and I am going to miss the academy very much. I am looking forward to hopefully making a real difference in communities, making last change, and utilising all that Police Now have given us.”

Police Now's National Detective Programme 2024 cohort – closing ceremony


  • The forces that Police Now has partnered with for this cohort of the National Detective Programme, and the number of officers joining each force, are:
    • Devon and Cornwall Police – 19
    • Gwent Police – 16
    • Hertfordshire Constabulary – 22
    • Humberside Police – 20
    • The Metropolitan Police Service, Counter Terrorism Policing – 74
    • Staffordshire Police – 39
    • Thames Valley Police – 12
    • West Mercia Police – 13
    • Wiltshire Police – 12
  • Retention: 229 officers were recruited to this cohort of the National Detective Programme, with an impressive retention rate of 227 completing the challenging academy. 20 officers were recruited to Devon & Cornwall Police and 19 successfully completed academy. 75 officers were recruited to the Counter Terrorism Policing stream and 74 successfully completed the academy.
  • For more information on Police Now’s partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service for the pilot of its Counter Terrorism Policing stream, please click here.
  • Due to the covert nature of Counter Terrorism Policing, no identifying images of the new recruits can be shared. 

Applications for our National Detective Programme are now closed.


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