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Police Now announces new Counter Terrorism Policing partnership via the Metropolitan Police Service 

Police Now announces new Counter Terrorism Policing partnership via the Metropolitan Police Service

Tuesday 9 March 2023

Police Now is introducing a new stream as part of its National Detective Programme to recruit, train and develop exceptional new officers in Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP). The stream will pilot in the Metropolitan Police Service in March 2024.  

Officers entering the Met via this new stream will move into CTP teams during the second year of the two-year programme, where they will protect the UK from serious harm and threat by preventing, deterring, and investigating terrorist activity alongside their experienced colleagues. 

Head of Counter Terrorism Policing and Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations at the Metropolitan Police Matt Jukes said: “There are now several routes into policing and in recent years lots of incredible careers have started with Police Now. We’re really pleased that Counter Terrorism Policing could now be a significant part of a new detective’s story.

“This pilot partnership, hosted by the Metropolitan Police, presents a unique opportunity for successful candidates to launch a direct career pathway into counter terrorism.

“We know that the National Detective Programme attracts a high standard of diverse and passionate candidates, which mirrors the aims of both Counter Terrorism Policing and the Metropolitan Police.

“Nothing in this pilot will exclude officers already serving from moving into Counter Terrorism and in fact, there are hundreds of opportunities for them to do so – that diversity is part of the strength of the team keeping the public safe from terrorism.

“Protecting national security is a challenging, fast-paced and incredibly rewarding area of policing and we can’t wait to welcome people to our world.”

Police Now was founded in 2014 and the National Detective Programme launched in 2019 as a pioneering scheme to assist police services in England and Wales with the recruitment, training and development of detectives in the face of a well-publicised national shortage of investigators. Now moving into its fifth year, the National Detective Programme has recruited 714 detectives nationally.

Officers sit the challenging National Investigators’ Exam within the first three months of the programme with an average first-time pass rate of 83%, higher than the policing national average (70%). After completing Police Now’s intensive academy training, participants reach Independent Patrol Status within the first ten-weeks of joining their force teams, meaning they’re able to spend more time on the frontline supporting their communities. They are Professionalising Investigations Programme Level 2 (PIP2) certified by the end of the two-year programme.  

With years of experience delivering this high-quality, intensive training to talented new recruits, Police Now will draw on their expertise to now contribute to the Counter Terrorism Policing talent pipeline.   

Police Now’s Director of Policing and Home Affairs Penny Jerrum said: “Police Now has worked with the Metropolitan Police Service since inception and they have been an important partner to us ever since. We are excited to be expanding our partnership further, as we work together to deliver much-needed change in policing. Police Now brings difference and diversity into the police service and we draw on years of experience to empower officers to challenge cultures, build public confidence in policing and support the communities that need them the most. Together, we will ensure that officers on our new stream are supported and trained to the very highest standards, as they contribute to protecting the public from the most serious threats facing the UK.” 

As a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer, Police Now brings a range of talent and backgrounds into the service, driving policing towards becoming truly reflective of the diverse communities it seeks to serve and building public trust and confidence in the service. Police Now typically attracts those who had not previously considered a career in policing. Of those that started on the National Detective Programme this year, 54% had never considered a career in policing before hearing about Police Now and 70% are experienced career changers.  

Participants must meet Police Now’s strict eligibility criteria and go through a highly competitive and rigorous recruitment process before securing a place on the programme.  

Applications for the 2024 National Detective Programme, including its new CTP stream in the Met, are currently open to eligible candidates with a passion to join the service and make a difference.  

Applications for our National Graduate Leadership Programme are currently closed.


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