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The second PC 433 Coleman reporting for duty

The second PC 433 Coleman reporting for duty

Police Constable Emma Coleman, a participant on our National Graduate Leadership Programme, has just become the second P433 Coleman in her family, inheriting her late grandfather’s collar number. Here she tells us a little bit about what it was like growing up with a mother and grandfather in the police, and what serving means to her.  

I come from a policing family, with both my mum and grandad serving 30 years in the police. 

After seeing the work that they had done, I knew from a very young age that I wanted to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in policing. 

Whilst on the Police Now programme, I have been lucky enough to receive my grandad’s collar number and become the second PC 433 Coleman in the family. My granddad served with Northumbria Police, as did my mother, and now I am extremely excited to be joining the force too in my new full-time role.  

My mother was a Chief Inspector and I often spent time with my grandparents when I was growing up, when mum was working long shifts. My first ever shift was actually on the anniversary of my grandfather’s death, which for me was very poignant. I know that my grandmother is very proud to see me in my uniform, sporting the familiar collar number.   

Emma Coleman grandfather
Emma Coleman’s grandfather, the first PC 433 Coleman in the family

My own policing journey started when I joined the police cadets aged 14. This gave me my first real insight into the reality and challenges of policing, but also the rewards that could come from it. Whilst I was at university, I became a Special Constable (a part-time, volunteer police officer). I loved the feeling of helping people, and the sense of performing public duty. also joined the army reserves for similar reasons, which I am still able to fit around my Police Now training, and currently play clarinet with The Band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. 

Though I loved my time as a cadet and a Special ConstableI always felt like there was more I could doAs a Special ConstableI often worked on projects that were then left to other teams while I moved onto the next emergency call. When I first heard of Police Now, and their emphasis on neighbourhood policing, I knew that this was my opportunity to do more. Rather than joining a response policing team full time, I would be able to complement their amazing work and go a little further to help individuals and the wider community in the long term in a neighbourhood policing team. 

With a family background of policing in Northumbria, being able to really embed myself in the community and work on these long-term community projects really appeals to me. hope, with the help of the opportunities presented to me by Police Now, that I will be able to start making a real and longerterm difference to my community very soon.

Emma coleman uniform
Emma coleman and grandma
Emma Coleman volunteering at a Pride event as a Special Constable (right, with her grandmother)​

Though Emma comes from a policing background, you do not need any prior experience with the police to join one of the Police Now programmes. For more information about our National Graduate Leadership Programme, please click here 


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