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Police Now signs the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance

Police Now signs the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance

We’re extremely proud to be one of the early signatories of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, where we’ll be joining Clifford Chance, Blackbridge, and a number of other organisations who have signed a pledge committing to attracting candidates in a sustainable way.

What does this mean for us?

Organisations who sign up to the pledge are committing to review opportunities to be more sustainable and reduce the amount of assessment materials produced in their recruitment processes.

At Police Now, we already have a strong emphasis on sustainable recruiting and we’re keen to build on it. We will:

  • continue to build our sector-leading website, using creative ways to connect each other digitally. Live chats, digital events and online data hubs help us reduce our use of printed materials and contribute to important online policing resources.
  • ensure that any materials we do use are sustainably sourced and, in true policing fashion, offer students donuts (in recycled paper boxes) over plastic pens or keychains at our recruitment stands.
  • continue to focus on the things that matter most, which aren’t material goods: our mission, the roles of neighbourhood police officers and Trainee Detective Constables, the importance of helping the most vulnerable in society, diversity and inclusion, and the quality of our two-year national graduate programmes.

Our recruitment processes focus on the opportunity to join one of our programmes and make a real difference. As a charity with both limited resources and a responsibility to do the right thing, the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance aligns with the Police Now mission. We’re delighted to sign up and we urge other organisations to join us too.


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