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Congratulations to our latest Police Now ambassadors

Congratulations to our latest Police Now ambassadors

Congratulations to our National Graduate Leadership Programme participants, who joined us in 2018, on their graduation.

Our participants have spent two years in some of the most vulnerable communities across the country, making a positive impact in their roles as neighbourhood police officers. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank them all for their continuous contribution to helping us in achieving our mission through their incredible hard work and dedication. Although we couldn’t be together in person to celebrate this year, we brought our participants together to celebrate virtually before they embark on their next steps in their career.

A few of our participants share some of their highlights and experience on the National Graduate Leadership Programme.

“I joined Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme as I have always had an interest in working in the public sector and having a ‘make a difference’ job. I had never thought of joining the police before Police Now but being a budding graduate, I felt that joining the police through a programme catered to graduates was more suited to me.

Police Now also has strong values and beliefs which represented the change I wanted to see within society. It was nice to know that I would be put through training with like-minded people of a similar capability. Although it was extremely challenging, the support that was offered and the relationships that I made with my syndicate was amazing. We all became so close and had a lot of fun along the way.

I love that no day is the same as any other. You never know what you’re going to come across and how the day will plan out. It keeps you on your toes and there are constantly new things to learn. As a new police officer, you’ll never forget the first time you’re in a police car with the sirens on, swinging around in the back at what feels like 100mph. It is the biggest adrenaline rush and so exhilarating and made me feel like a proper cop for the first time. I also love that policing is a team game – you never work alone and there are always people there to help get stuck in.”

Police Constable Hommel

“There is a real can-do attitude in the police. The buck often stops with us on a massive range of acute problems, and the people I work with (as well as the wider organisation and policing generally) always step up to that. Everyone in policing is a leader, in that sense.  

Although I hope some of the things I’ve been part of around issues like drug supply and vulnerability have had an impact, the thing that means the most to me is probably the individual people that I’ve been able to help in a small way.  

It is undeniably a job that requires resilience. You are managing a large and varied workload while also dealing with some potentially traumatic incidents. That all helps you become more resilient as well though.

Both Police Now and my force have been very supportive throughout the programme. Whenever I had a problem, I always felt that there was someone I could go to. Being on the National Graduate Leadership Programme means you can get support from your Leadership Development Officer, and because they are slightly detached from your day-to-day work, they often have a different perspective on things.

One of my main highlights is working with brave, dedicated and professional police officers, who consistently amaze me with their skilfulness.”

Police Constable Marshall

“I joined the programme because I wanted a job that was varied, exciting and ultimately rewarding – policing is all of these in abundance. I was also particularly attracted to working in a role that was community facing and collaborative with other organisations and agencies.

I hadn’t seriously considered policing as a profession before joining Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme; there was something unique about the neighbourhood police officer role with Police Now that I was attracted to. It is then fact that you are combining analysis and long-term problem solving with core policing skills and tactics daily that made it really appealing.

I am lucky to work alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met, and I get to meet wonderful people in my community. My most rewarding moment came after nearly 18 months in the job. I had a challenging situation with a resident who had been continuously harassed by her neighbours, which had a huge impact on her physical and mental health. The matter came to my attention as the resident was reaching breaking point; she was highly vulnerable on account of her disabilities and did not have a support network around her. Through working closely with the Housing Association and a local victim support charity, we were able to get her moved to a new flat. We also secured a conviction at court against the perpetrator, which included a restraining order to ensure the victim’s safety. I still occasionally hear from the victim; she is so much happier and most importantly, safe. It is rewarding to know that I played a small part in that.”

Police Constable Henderson

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Police Now will not be attending any face-to-face events until Government and Public Health England advise us that it is safe to do so.

In the autumn, all being well, we will have an exciting series of events with lots of digital options to meet us before this too.

Whether you meet us face-to-face or online, you will have the opportunity to find out more about our national graduate programmes and recruitment processes. You will also have the chance to meet and chat with programme participants and alumni, ambassadors and members of the Police Now Headquarters team.


For any enquiries please get in touch with us. 


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