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Applications for the 2025 National Detective Programme
- Economic Crime, now closed.

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Are you motivated to improve the UK policing response to fraud, economic and cybercrime?

Police Now are partnering with the City of London Police on an exciting new stream within our National Detective Programme. We are offering the opportunity for you to become a Police Detective working in economic crime.

The stream will pilot in the City of London Police, who are the National Lead Force for Economic Crime roles for police officers. 

Join Police Now’s two-year National Detective Programme starting in March 2025 and you’ll proactively pursue offenders and protect people and businesses from the threat of economic crime. During the programme, you will develop the skills needed to tackle complex investigations and criminal networks.

We need graduates from diverse backgrounds and a range of degree subjects, industries and sectors to bring new ways of thinking to block and disrupt economic crime.

City of London Police

Police detective jobs in London

Question everything, become a detective.

Society is changing. People demand better, for our communities, and from our police service.

You want change: a real way to tackle the problems destroying people’s lives.

You question everything, never accepting things the way they are. Despite barriers, you’re willing to do what it takes to change the world around you.

By becoming a police detective, you can make this happen.

What is economic crime?

Economic crime, also known as financial crime, refers to a broad category of illegal activity involving money, finance or assets, committed by an individual or a group of individuals to obtain a financial or professional advantage.

This poses a threat to the UK’s national security, economy and its institutions and causes serious harm to our society and individuals.

Some examples of economic crime include:

Police detective jobs in London

question everything

Do you question everything, never accepting things the way they are? Despite barriers, you’re willing to do what it takes to change the world around you.

If so, you may be eligible to join a Police Now award-winning two-year National Detective Programme to become a police detective in economic crime.

Counter terrorism
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Every fraud is totally different, as the fraudsters innovate, we face new challenges each time and I find it fascinating to see what they are going to come up with and try and catch them out. It feels like it’s real detective work. It’s Sherlock Holmes stuff. It’s that one document you are going to catch them out on.

Detective Inspector, Economic Crime

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The City of London is one of the most important financial centres in the world and the economic heart of the United Kingdom. The City of London Police:

Economic crime, including fraud and cyber crime, amounts to over half of all recorded crime in the UK. Criminals target everyone from vulnerable individuals to big business, and economic crime poses a significant threat to national security and the UK’s prosperity. These are complex crimes requiring a sophisticated response.

City of London Police are the national lead force for economic crime and have a number of teams to counter these offences. Alongside their Fraud Operations team, which investigate the most serious and complex fraud investigations, they also work in partnership with industries and government in some of their funded teams, including the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), the Piracy and Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) and the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU).


Through our partnership with City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police Service, we have recruited, trained and developed 696 graduates to become police officers and detectives on our national graduate programmes since 2015.

Larry Brown | Trainee Detective Constable
Larry Brown | Detective Constable

Why join the National Detective Programme Economic Crime stream?

Police Now are offering the opportunity for you to become a police detective working in economic crime. Join us and proactively pursue offenders and dismantle serious and organised crime groups whilst protecting people and businesses from the threat of economic crime.

By joining through Police Now’s National Detective Programme, you’ll benefit from our unique training and development designed to progress your career and your impact in policing:

City of London Police graduate scheme

We are looking for graduates to join City of London Police through our national graduate programmes.

National Graduate Leadership Programme

As a neighbourhood police officer you will work within diverse communities, devise long term strategic solutions and work collaboratively in a multi agency approach to solve crimes and systemic problems.

National Detective Programme

As a detective you care, it’s a serious career choice. You act on instinct and grow your capacity to change communities by delivering excellence in policing.

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Our focus on diversity and inclusion

Our Force vision is to ensure that all communities, individuals, charities and businesses receive an excellent and consistent experience. Our Force engages with local, national and international communities across the globe, who all have diverse needs. We know that we cannot achieve this vision without a high performing workforce that embraces diversity and inclusion at its core.

National Detective Programme
Tary Kufa | Detective Constable

Core requirements

To be eligible to join the City of London Police, you must:

What we look for

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Vetting – those who work in Economic Crime will undergo advanced vetting.

Eligibility – to work in Economic Crime you’ll need to have resided in the UK continuously for the past 5 years and will need indefinite leave to remain/settled status if you are a non-UK citizen.

Programme details – you’ll work in an Economic Crime unit during your National Detective Programme.

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Scott Chilton - Dorset Police Chief Constable

Scott Chilton

Chief Constable

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