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Upile Mtitimila | Detective Inspector, Cheshire Constabulary


The programme operates in partnership with police forces, the Home Office, and with sponsorship from Chief Constables and senior officers.

You need to drive your development on the programme, but you’ll have access to specialist knowledge and resources across our national network to help you succeed.

You’ll be part of a peer group of like-minded police officers drawn from forces across England and Wales. Sharing knowledge, help and advice with others who have similar experiences to you, you’ll support, challenge and develop one another throughout the programme and beyond.


You’ll lead your own progress through the programme. To help you do this, you’ll have access to a dedicated Police Now Progression and Development Officer throughout the programme.

They’ll mentor and coach you to make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of each module and are able to implement the knowledge you acquire. You’ll get one-to-one feedback on the practical elements of the programme, and work together on a gap analysis to fill any knowledge or skills gaps.

Your Progression and Development Officer is there to empower you so you can take personal responsibility for your own development journey. With their support, you’ll make rapid and sustained progress, owning your own development on the programme and beyond.

"Police Now's Frontline Leadership Programme played a huge part in preparing me for promotion. The board preparation sessions and mock boards with subject matter experts ensured that I was ready to tackle the process and effectively hit the competencies as well as show my leadership skills.

In addition, the sessions based on management and leadership have ensured that I have the necessary skills to perform well as a Sergeant and support my staff. Steve and the progression and development team supported me through the process on a one-to-one basis, providing detailed and practical feedback tailored to my performance. Steve coached me through the final steps and assisted me in fine tuning my style and technique.

I have now successfully achieved promotion to Detective Sergeant and continue to work with the Frontline Leadership Programme to further develop my skills to lead positive change. If you aspire to become a Sergeant, this is the definitive programme to prepare you and develop your skills."

Detective Sergeant Oliver Hodgkinson, Humberside Police

In-force collaboration

We partner with police forces across England and Wales. Participating forces will select a senior sponsor who’s committed to the success of the Frontline Leadership Programme and will work with Police Now to enable you succeed on the programme. They’ll set the expectation in force that police officers taking part in the programme are expected to apply for promotion at the earliest opportunity.


You’ll be part of a peer group drawn from forces across England and Wales, sharing knowledge, experiences, help and advice with officers in the same position as you.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with a consistent group of peers to build strong relationships and investment in the development and progress of your whole group. This network of like-minded peers supports, challenges and develops one another throughout the programme through cross-force peer to peer group sessions.

“Having a national peer network is really helpful. It means our officers can learn and grow from speaking to each other. They can problem solve together, even though they're in different forces.”


As part of Police Now, you’ll have access to national networking and collaboration opportunities through our national affinity networks and Connection for Life programme. Designed to build your confidence and help you develop connections to support your promotion journey, these networks will continue to provide help, advice and development across your entire career.

This includes hearing from a diverse range of influential leaders from within policing and across the public, private and third sectors, who’ll give you privileged insight into leadership methods, techniques and mindsets.

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