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Applications are closed until Summer 2021.

National Detective Programme

Do you notice the things that others miss?

Our National Detective Programme has been designed to allow participants to take ownership of situations within an ever-changing criminal landscape. You’ll be an investigator, taking on a lot of responsibility in your role to manage a diverse caseload. In everything you do, you’ll be adaptive to change, eager to find solutions to complex problems, maintain a flexible view as situations change and be able to show compassion to the communities you will serve.

Applications for the Police Now National Detective Programme are closed until Summer 2021.

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Am I eligible?

You don’t need any previous policing knowledge or experience, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never previously considered a career in policing but you must have a degree before you start the programme. We’re looking for people with the potential to become the next generation of detectives, representing the diversity of the communities you will serve.

To be eligible for the detective programme, you must:

 Already have a degree and have achieved a 1st, 2:1 or 2:2 at undergraduate degree level or non-UK equivalent.

 Be over the age of 18 upon application.

 Have lived in the UK for the last three years with no more than nine months abroad cumulatively within that time.

 Have indefinite leave to remain and work in the UK.

 Hold a UK Level 3 Qualification in any subject (e.g. an A Level or BTEC National Diploma), or if not, an English Language overseas equivalent.

 Not be looking to transfer between police forces or return to policing.

 Not have already been assessed for our 2020 National Graduate Leadership Programme and have graduated before January 2021.

What we look for

Throughout our selection process, we look at how your strengths and competencies match with what we’re looking for.

As part of being a detective, you’ll often be faced with tough situations to overcome, where people will look to you for support and guidance. By demonstrating professional credibility, resilience, and workplace confidence, you’ll be able to prove your suitability to the role, as well as being seen as a leader.

Police Now participants join our national graduate programmes from all walks of life – there will be skills that you’ve built on through your experience that will be of considerable value to policing. Every one of our participants has different motivations for joining. Some have never considered a career in policing, yet their motivations stem from their eagerness to make a lasting difference in most vulnerable communities, while also developing their leadership skills. Then there are those who have realised they would be suited to life in police and have what it takes to do the job. All our participants have a part to play in helping achieve our mission to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring future leaders in policing.

Strengths and competencies

We’re looking for people who demonstrate the strengths and characteristics suited to the role of police detective.

Detectives thrive under pressure, taking a positive attitude to overcome obstacles.

They respond quickly to new information, methodical in their approach to solving complex problems.

Detectives form meaningful relationships with a variety of people, taking the time to see things from another perspective, adapting communication style to suit the audience.

About the programme

The Police Now National Detective Programme is a salaried two-year training and development programme.

The programme is designed to equip you with the core policing skills required in modern investigative work. Being a detective is all about how you interpret information and being able to see clues where others don’t, allowing you to see below the surface.

Successful candidates will be tactical and resilient focusing on working towards defined goals, rarely losing focus – the tenacity you bring to your role as a detective will help you deliver on these key attributes. You’ll critically analyse information and collaborate with others, combining insight and evidence to define root causes of some of the UK’s most complex problems/scenarios.

Everything you do, you’ll be adaptive to change to maintain flexible views as situations change and be able to show compassion to the communities you serve.

By demonstrating a positive can-do attitude, you will view obstacles differently to everyone else – there to be tackled head-on rather than used as an excuse to give up. As a detective you will quickly become an instrumental member of the police force, solving crimes and working towards making our communities safer places to live, for generations to come.

Am I eligible to apply?

Our criteria for entry to the programme follows national standards for new police officers.

What training will I receive?

Find out what happens in the two-year detective training programme.

What salary can I earn?

Police detectives receive a competitive salary and a wide range of employee benefits.

What's it like to join the police?

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