The role of a neighbourhood police officer

Build a relationship with your community

As a neighbourhood police officer it’s your job to build a relationship with your community.  It’s up to you to find and manage local issues, and it doesn’t stop there.

You will find what’s causing the problems and then decide on a strategy that enables everyone to find solutions: local residents, agencies, perpetrators and victims of crime. 

If you know how to prioritise, manage, investigate and go the extra mile, a neighbourhood policing role is for you. 

Neighbourhood policing is challenging, it’s not flashing lights: it’s conflict resolution and case management and joined up thinking too.

Transform Communities

Working with communities challenged by crime

You manage people, their issues, their needs and the crimes they are facing. Neighbourhood police officers know themselves, know their history and know that everyone has their own story. Police Now want you to be yourself. We work with you to develop your skill set so you can communicate with diverse and vulnerable communities and individuals.

As a neighbourhood police officer you are proactive. You see all the angles, you want to make things better for the most vulnerable in society, and you understand that crime is a product of complex issues, often stretching through generations and controlling whole areas.

As a neighbourhood police officer you’ll work within diverse communities, devise long term strategic solutions and work collaboratively with multi-agency teams. You’ll get to the root of the problem and the heart of the issue. 

We have recruited over 1,000 police officers to date, across England and Wales

You’ll change the understanding of local policing.


Perhaps when you think of a police officer, you think of someone who's white, who's male, who's strong. Perhaps you think you're not strong enough? But you are.

Hear from our neighbourhood police officers

Never thought of yourself as a police officer? Want to know if you’d fit into our programme? Want to understand the day-to-day role?  Curious about the kind of people who decide to become neighbourhood police officers?

Police Now supports graduates from diverse backgrounds to be a success on the programme. Listen to some of our participants as they share their stories.

Anokhi Chouhan | Neighbourhood police officer
Anokhi Chouhan | Neighbourhood police officer
Do you have what it takes to transform communities?

Working as a neighbourhood police officer is a demanding but rewarding job. 

If you’re a university finalist or graduate with an appetite to make a real difference, explore what’s needed to be successful in this role.

Before you apply, make sure you meet our eligibility criteria with our online guide.

Some of the key requirements you must meet include:

Beyond the programme

Graduation from a Police Now programme as a neighbourhood police officer is the start of a great career. What sets you apart is your critical thinking, your ability to strategise, to connect with communities, and get under the skin of local issues and make a real impact.

You are motivated and ready to transform society from the inside. Working with people like you to improve life for everyone.

You are the change.

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