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Our programme offers more than a job, it’s a career package. You can expect:
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Benefits designed just for you

You’ll also get a whole host of Police Now benefits unique to our  national graduate programmes.

Competitive salary

Your salary starts when you begin the Police Now Academy.

You will receive a salary between £24,780 – £31,020 depending on your force location. 

You could also receive location allowances depending on your force. The basic salary of a Police Constable can then rise to £40,000 plus allowances in line with Home Office guidelines.


You’ll start with 22 days paid annual holiday, rising to 30 days a year with length of service.

This is on top of public holidays and an average of at least two rest days each working week. You can also expect other forms of leave including maternity, paternity and adoption leave and the option of taking a career break of up to five years.

Flexible working

The police service is an emergency service operating 24/7 and 365 days a year.

However, it’s always the intention of the police service to try and take your individual religious and cultural needs into account so you can fit your work around your personal commitments.


One of the best pension schemes around.

When you start as a new police officer you’ll automatically be enrolled as a member of the Police Pension Scheme 2015, which is considered to be among the best around. This isn’t compulsory and you can opt out if you wish.


Contributory private healthcare scheme.

Some police forces offer the opportunity to join a contributory private healthcare scheme. You’ll also benefit from free eye tests and glasses if you regularly use a computer.

Financial services discounts

There are various partner organisations who work alongside the police to offer a variety of financial services including saving, investment and protection products, as well as discounts and subsidies.

Many major high street shops, retail outlets and other national organisations also offer discounts and special deals to police officers. Most police forces also provide access to a number of subsidised leisure and sporting activities.

Personal support and advice

Police Federation & staff support associations.

You’ll have access to support through the Police Federation and staff support associations, who are there to represent your needs. Each individual force also has their own team for occupational health and welfare and for those with caring responsibilities.

Training and development

Regular training, events and skills sessions.

All our participants get one-to-one mentoring with a Police Now Performance Development Coach (PDC) who will support and coach you throughout your two years on the programme. Your PDC will work with you on a tailored Personal Development Plan (PDP) to encourage your growth throughout the two years. They provide guidance and advice on your project work, identifying your strengths, as well as areas where you can improve.

Beyond the two-year programme

Help and support from Police Now.

After you finish our programme the support doesn’t stop. We have an alumni team who will continue to support your professional and personal development. This includes expert support on promotion applications, skills development sessions and social events.

Secondments and attachments

Opportunities to apply for up to four weeks on an external secondment or internal attachment.

External secondments are a fantastic way to experience professional life outside the police service. You’ll learn new skills, gain valuable experience, work with external partners and contribute to our objective of bringing policing and society closer together. 

Internal attachments to specialist departments give you a chance to experience other areas of policing. By developing your skills with new teams and facing new policing challenges, you can start to plan for life beyond the programme.

Before you apply, make sure you meet our eligibility criteria with our online guide.

Some of the key requirements you must meet include:

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