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Just another day on the job

Just another day on the job

PC Joanna Powell is a member of the Police Now 2015 Cohort. Here she provides us with a snapshot into her life as a dedicated ward officer in Rotherhithe as she hopes for sunnier days on the beat:


If anyone is to ask what my favourite aspect of policing is, it genuinely is the cliché of “every day is different”! I may have plans to attend a local event or complete a regular patrol however this all often goes out the window when I come across a shoplifter and spend the next 4 hours in custody processing and interviewing them!

After a meeting with a Police Now leadership development officer I came back into the office to find everyone grabbing their met vests and running out of the door. The Police helicopter had identified two males on a moped who had just snatched a phone from a victim’s hand and then followed them back to their home address. I jumped in the mini bus with my team and we went to assist with containing the property to ensure the suspects were apprehended! It took some time for officers to force entry to the property as a barricade had been put up however the police helicopter was monitoring the property’s balcony and recording them frantically pouring a white powder substance into a plant pot. Once the suspects had been detained inside I went in to assist with the searching of the flat and officers found at least 8 iPhones, large quantities of cash and drugs as well as knuckle dusters and a large hunting knife! It was amazing to see how valuable the police helicopter really is and how efficiently everyone works as a team.

Following this rather hectic morning, I attended a meeting at the Southwark council offices in order to issue an Acceptable Behaviour Contract to a lady who has been antagonising staff in a local supermarket. Unfortunately she did not turn up, but we have her home address so she will be receiving a visit shortly!

Tomorrow I have a street briefing where members of public can come and report any concerns to us or just have a chat! I will then spend most of the day out on foot patrol; I am hoping it will be sunny as people always seem to be a lot friendlier and open on a nice day!


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