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Humberside Police jobs

Humberside Police jobs

Change the story

Do you think differently? Can you work with others to create new solutions to long-term societal problems? Do you want a meaningful career that improves the lives of those around you?

If so, you may be eligible to join a Police Now award winning two-year national graduate programme. This is a unique opportunity to join the police through one of our Times Top 100 graduate employment schemes, which offers support, mentorship, and personal career development opportunities throughout the two-year programme.

Society needs police officers as diverse as the communities they serve across the Humberside region, to solve long term societal problems. We need people like you to bring the diversity of your experiences to make a positive and lasting difference in the Humber communities challenged by crime.

Police detective jobs in Humberside

Do you notice?

Do you notice? Are you a problem solver? Someone who can communicate with anyone? Can you gain the trust of those around you?

If so, you could become a police detective with the Humberside Police through Police Now’s National Detective Programme.

To help address a shortage of detectives, Humberside Police have formed an exclusive partnership with Police Now to attract, train and develop outstanding graduates to become inspirational police detectives.

Through Police Now’s National Detective Programme, the force are currently looking to recruit investigative officers who are needed to respond to the changing landscape of crimes in the area, specifically in Hull and Grimsby.

You must have a minimum 2:2 university degree and meet our criteria to apply for the programme, which will give you the skills you need for modern investigative work and positively impact communities in Humberside. 

You can earn a salary of up to £24,780 on the Police Now programme with Humberside Police. 

If you think you have what it takes to become a police detective, apply for this role as soon as you feel ready as we are expecting a high volume of applications for this popular programme. 

Applications won’t be open for long as we are aiming to send conditional offers by the end of December 2021. 

Humberside Police careers

Humberside Police have been proudly serving the people of Northern Lincolnshire, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire since 1974.

The force covers a very diverse area that stretches from as far north as Bridlington, across to the Isle of Axholme and down to the outskirts of Grimsby where it changes to Lincolnshire Police.

The Humber area boasts some of England’s most attractive countryside and some truly vibrant towns, all with transport links to Leeds, Manchester, London and the South. 

Humberside Police officers are dedicated to working together to help create safe and strong communities, where people know how to protect themselves and are able to make informed decisions.

The Humberside Police force’s Plan on a Page sets out the key priorities for the organisation. Every individual, team, department and command is working towards this plan and is playing their own unique role in delivering one or more elements of the plan.

We have recruited 122 police officers across Yorkshire and The Humber to date.

Through our partnership with Humberside Police and neighbouring forces in the Yorkshire and The Humber region, we have recruited, trained and developed 122 graduates to become police officers on our national graduate programmes.

Jacob Reeves
Jacob Reeves | Detective Constable

Why join Humberside Police with Police Now?

By joining Humberside Police through Police Now’s national graduate programmes, you’ll benefit from our unique range of support and development features specially designed to develop your career and your impact in policing.

You’ll get a whole host of Police Now benefits unique to our national graduate programmes.


Police Now stood out as different. I felt that through a programme that was so in line with what I connected with; it was the right way to go into policing. I think what sets Police Now apart - and why it is important - is that it really embraces you as an individual. I can honestly say that. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself and then be a police officer.

Since completing the National Graduate Leadership Programme, I have transitioned into a detective role investigating serious and complex crime. Being a detective leaves a lasting impact on people’s lives and there is nothing more rewarding or important than that.

Upile Mtitimila
Upile Mtitimila | Detective Sergeant

Humberside Police Graduate Scheme

We are looking for graduates to join Humberside Police through our national graduate programmes. 

National Graduate Leadership Programme

As a neighbourhood police officer you will work within diverse communities, devise long term strategic solutions and work collaboratively in a multi agency approach to solve crimes and systemic problems.

National Detective Programme

As a detective you care, it’s a serious career choice. You act on instinct and grow your capacity to change communities by delivering excellence in policing.

National Graduate Leadership Programme

As a neighbourhood police officer you will work within diverse communities, devise long term strategic solutions and work collaboratively in a multi agency approach to solve crimes and systemic problems.

Humberside Police recruitment

Our focus on diversity and inclusion

Can you bring communities together? ​As a neighbourhood police officer it’s your job to build a relationship with your community in the Humberside area. It’s up to you to find and manage local issues, and it doesn’t stop there.  

Humberside Police are committed to representing and serving to build safer and stronger communities.

The force is determined to increase the number of people from underrepresented groups and pride themselves on offering support and guidance when needed.

Tary Kufa | Trainee Detective Constable

Humberside Police Jobs


Our officers and staff come from every walk of life, but there is always room for us to improve and better represent our growing diverse communities.

The more diverse our Staff and Police Officers, the easier it is for us to connect with and understand the needs of all the people we serve.

The most effective police service is one that can help anyone, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, level of ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, relationship or parental status.

Humberside Police

Are you eligible to apply?

Before you apply to join the police, make sure you meet our eligibility criteria with our online guide.​

Our criteria for entry to the programme follow national standards for new police officers. Take a look at the full details below to make sure you are eligible before applying to Humberside Police.

You’ll need to have resided in the UK continuously for the past three years. If you’ve been abroad during the last three years while serving in the UK Armed Forces, working for the UK government, as part of your university degree or on an extended holiday your application will still be considered.

Different people bring different perspectives which help us develop better understanding and learning, leading to new ideas and solutions to the challenging social issues that we face on a daily basis. 

You can be of any nationality to apply, providing you have the status of indefinite leave to remain and work in the UK.

You must have, or be predicted to achieve, a minimum 2:1 undergraduate degree from a university in the UK, or an equivalent from a non-UK university.

You can’t apply to Police Now if you are currently applying or have previously applied to join a police force through any other route than Police Now – this could be as a police constable, member of police staff, special constable, or Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). You also cannot apply if you are currently, or have previously been, a police officer, member of police staff, special constable, or Police Community Support Office (PCSO).

Police officers are in a privileged position and could be considered potentially vulnerable to corruption. As a result, you must not be under pressure from undischarged debts or liabilities, and you should be able to manage loans and debts sensibly. Most applicants have debts, such as mortgages, undischarged student or other loans, and credit/store card debts. Debts that are within your means and manageable are not a barrier to appointment. However, you may be ineligible to apply if you have an existing County Court Judgement outstanding, have been registered as bankrupt within the last three years or are the subject of a current Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

Police officers must be impartial and objective when performing their duties with the public. This does not prevent you from being a member of political parties in general. If you’re a member of or have previously been a member of a proscribed terrorist organisation or group, you won’t be eligible to apply.

The Home Office does not allow serving police officers to take an active role in politics. An active role in politics would include running as a candidate in an election but would not include basic membership of a non extreme political group or party as an example. You are not eligible for the programme if you plan to take an active role in politics whilst on the programme and serving as a police officer.

You must declare any other employment or business interest you intend to maintain so that this can be reviewed to make sure there is no conflict of interest with the police. If you, your spouse or any relative living with you, holds or has a financial interest in any licence or permit relating to liquor licensing, refreshment houses or betting and gaming, or the regulations of places of entertainment, you may not be eligible for appointment.

If you are currently using any illegal drugs this will rule you out of the recruitment process automatically. To be eligible you must agree to have a test for substance misuse, as well as having a DNA sample and fingerprints taken for the purpose of conducting a speculative search against the national database.

Please review this document which indicates standards for distance vision, near vision, colour vision and eye surgery.

You must be able to cope with the physical and mental demands of the role. This doesn’t mean extreme athleticism, but you will need to pass a fitness test. If you take regular exercise such as walking, swimming or jogging then you should have no problem with the fitness test. There are certain medical conditions and disorders that may have a detrimental effect on your ability to conduct the role effectively. If you are aware of having any medical conditions or disorders, please consult this document and note the likelihood of your condition becoming a barrier to your application. You can review the recommended Medical Standards here.

Tattoos and piercings are not a total bar to appointment. However, some tattoos could potentially offend members of the public or colleagues, or could be considered lewd, garish or provocative depending on their size, nature and location, and these will not be accepted. You also need to be prepared to take out any facial piercings and/or any piercings located in a position that would cause a health and safety issue.
Tattoos which would not be accepted may include:

Firearms or weapons including blades/daggers.

  • Figures of anger or violence or well-known crime figures.
  • Images of death, including skulls of any kind (including animal skulls).
  • Symbols of extreme organisations.
  • Naked body/bodies or particular body parts which would normally be covered.
  • Any tattoo ridiculing a particular belief or religion.

Honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance. Police officers are subject to the Standards of Professional Behaviour, which clearly set out what communities can expect from their officers.

  • You must declare all convictions for past offences, formal cautions (including as a juvenile) and any bind-over imposed by the courts.
  • You should also include all traffic convictions.
  • Due to the nature of policing, it’s essential that we conduct rigorous vetting checks on successful applicants before they can join the programme.
  • These checks will include personal details taken from you, from close family members and significant others.

If any of the above relates to you, please review this document for further advice regarding our vetting process, and listen to the audio below:

How you apply

You want a career where you can make an impact. Are you prepared to start the application process?

Being prepared is the first step in being successful in your application to join the police. Before you apply, make sure to thoroughly read this information and have everything you need to start your journey.

Find out how you apply and all the steps you’ll go through in becoming a police officer.

Making an impact with Humberside Police

Local Impact – Humberside

Police Now officers tackling crime and anti-social behaviour across Humberside Friday 11 June 2021 Nearly 40,000 fewer anti-social behaviour incidents nationally in areas with Police

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