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Immersive assessment

What does the Police Now immersive assessment involve?

Our brand-new immersive assessment has been designed to measure some of the key attributes that are important for success when on the Police Now National Detective Programme. It is split into several components: cognitive, motivational and personality.

We want you to experience what the role of a police detective is like and the variety of people and spaces you may work in and with. It is an opportunity for you to learn more about the role and build your awareness of the types of issues and challenges police detectives face. 

For candidates invited to complete the assessment, you’ll have seven days and a handbook to help you prepare.

Tips for completing the immersive assessment

Before starting the assessment we recommend that you read the handbook, the job description, and also research Police Now and our mission.

Get in the zone

Check your technology before starting and find a quiet place to complete the assessment with minimal distractions. The more present and involved you can be in the assessment, the more you’ll enjoy it, perform at your best, and learn from it.

Ask us for support

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident at each stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions or need any support or adjustments, please contact us before starting the assessment.


You will encounter a puzzle in your assessment. You can practice completing the puzzle for as long as you need in the practice session of the assessment. Make sure you are comfortable with the instructions and understand how to complete the puzzle before proceeding. You can find a video in the handbook which guides you on how to complete this.

Don’t overthink it

Read all instructions and questions carefully but don’t think about your answers for too long, as it’s usually most effective to read the question and go with your first response. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the role of a police detective and to establish whether it’s right for you. We don’t expect you to have any prior knowledge of policing and would encourage you to try not to second guess the ‘right answers’. Be as honest and candid as you can.

Further information and assistance

What if I require any adjustments?

Our immersive assessment has been designed with adjustments in mind to support individual needs and to be neuroinclusive. Timed sections are only employed where necessary to ensure candidates progress to the next section. Video closed captions can be turned on and off, there is pause/play functionality and video transcripts.

Before you begin the immersive assessment, you will have the opportunity to complete a practice assessment to familiarise yourself with the layout and the structure of the various sections and tests within the immersive assessment.

However, if you require other adjustments, or the assessment in an alternative format, please contact our recruitment team to discuss in confidence.

Do you need to chat with our recruitment team about the immersive assessment?

Our team will be happy to support you with any technical queries or guidance on completing the immersive assessment.

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