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Police Now national graduate programmes

Have your background and experiences made you curious, resilient, reliable and determined? Are you solution focused? Looking for a career where no two days are the same?

If you’re here, you already know you’re ready for something more. You want a challenging career that offers impact now and influence for generations to come.  

Police Now offers graduates and degree holding career changers a unique, independent and rewarding route to a meaningful career with the police.

We need leaders like you to join the police.

This is right for you if you…

What we


Latia Suen | Neighbourhood police officer

Build a rewarding career with our national graduate programmes

Salaried, two year graduate leadership programme

Two years on the job training in one of over 30 forces we partner with, and a lifetime of experience in a rewarding, stable career.

Unique selection and assessment process

Bespoke recruitment and assessment techniques designed to help you through each step of the process.  We help you achieve your potential, enhance it and get you started on an exciting career, now.

Police Now Academy – designed exclusively for our participants, Royal College of Policing accredited

We’re looking for the next generation of police. You need no prior policing experience, but you’re solution orientated and believe in our mission. Designed to maximise your potential, our training is challenging but no one else offers this unique career progression opportunity.

Individual career support and development

Assigned your own Performance Development Coach (PDC), we ensure you get the most out of every step of your career progression, including unique secondment & attachment opportunities during training. A chance to work with both police specialists and other organisations, we help you develop your aptitudes into real skills that last a lifetime.


From trainee constable to police professional in two years

You’ll start as a fully warranted police officer from day one of your Police Now Academy and complete the two years with unrivaled experience alongside a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice.

Current programmes

Police Now offer two national graduate programmes. Which one is right for you?  

Find out what each programme offers and what the role of a neighbourhood police officer or police detective is like.

You’re a graduate and you want to make a positive impact

Want to understand the day-to-day role?  Curious about the kind of people who decide to become neighbourhood police officers?

Police Now supports graduates from diverse backgrounds to be a success on our programme.  Listen to some of our participants as they share their story.

I decided to join the police in my 3rd year at uni.

I can have a positive impact at a ground level.

I liked the fact it was a graduate scheme, particularly a leadership one.

I was considering a job in the pharmaceutical industry.

Leadership & continuous skills development

Become a leader and develop skills for life

The unique training path we offer means you focus on skills development from day one.

What can you expect?

This isn’t your normal ‘9-5’…

Do you want to change the world? This career is for our future. We need people like you to join the police service to:

Throughout our programme, you’re building experience alongside developing skills that will last a lifetime. 

We support you to build on a range of personal and professional skills that will benefit your future, whatever career path you choose.

Systematic, realistic and designed for you, our programme leads to real career opportunities. Whatever your future holds, if you train with Police Now, you’ll gain valuable transferable skills that will serve you for life.

Your voice, your change, our future.

Career progression

Police Now offers you a unique programme focused on developing your professional and personal skills to become the best possible police officer and leader in your community. You’ll get the tools and individual support you need to build a successful career. After you complete one of our two-year programmes, you’ll choose the next step on your path with the opportunity to develop your career in any number of directions. Placements with other specialist policing units are offered as part of our National Graduate Leadership Programme. This will give you the opportunity to experience different areas of policing, pick up valuable skills and find the area of policing you most enjoy. You can also opt for secondments with organisations outside policing, giving you valuable experience you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. You’ll also have the wider Police Now family, offering support and advice on career progression and promotion through the Police Now alumni network.
85% Police Now participants pass the National Investigators' Exam first time
80% of our participants remain in policing beyond the two-year programme

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