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Prepare yourself for promotion

We understand you’re busy, so we’ve made the application process for the Frontline Leadership Programme as simple and straightforward as possible.

The application process can take between one week to one month. This is highly dependent on how soon you fill out an application form and the earlier date you can attend an online interview. It’s also dependent on the volume of applications we receive, so we encourage individuals to apply as soon as possible.

1. Application and eligibility

First, complete and submit your application form using the apply button below.

You’ll be asked to complete information about your eligibility for the programme. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete.

We’ll receive your application and review. Find more about the eligibility criteria for the programme.

In the application form, you’ll be asked for details which will enable us to check your eligibility for the programme. 

This will include:

2. Online interview

Once you’ve passed eligibility checks, you’ll have the opportunity to book a date and time slot for a one-to-one interview.

The interview will last a little over an hour. This stage is an opportunity to find out more about you and your motivations for applying for the programme.

We are interested in how you connect with the Police Now mission, what motivates you to pursue a promotion and why you want to join the Frontline Leadership Programme. It is important to share why the Police Now programme is right for you and how you will contribute to the aims of Police Now. We understand that each person is an individual and this is your chance to decide if the Frontline Leadership Programme is right for you.

We’ve put together a range of support and guidance to assist your preparation for the online interview. This includes attending an online coaching session and access to our interview handbook. 

Read more about Police Now’s community impact.

What to expect

As the interview has been designed to assess your motivation and your potential, we mainly use strength-based and scenario-based questions. The interview is not designed to assess your current ability to perform at sergeant rank, only your potential, therefore we will only ask a limited number of example-based questions.
The interview will include three styles of questions:

Strength based questions

Scenario based questions

Example based questions

What we're looking for

We’re looking for ambitious, motivated and mission aligned individuals to join are programme.

You’ll be assessed against the skills, mindset and competencies required to succeed on the programme and your potential to thrive in a sergeant role. We will assess how your alignment to Police Now’s mission and whether you possess the competencies and values we are looking for. Our competencies align with the College of Policing Competency and Values Framework (2016 version) which set out nationally recognised behaviours for all policing professionals. Please develop your understanding of Police Now’s competencies.


3. Onboarding

Once you have confirmed your place on the programme, you will be provided with an onboarding handbook which includes all information you will need ahead of your first taught day.

You’ll be invited to attend an Online Induction Event which provides a great opportunity for you to meet other participants, build your network and find out more about what to expect while on the programme.

"I joined the Frontline Leadership Programme because I wanted to utilise the network, learning material, and development opportunities available. What really sold the programme to me was the mock board interview practice, as from previous experience going in front of the board, I knew this was an area I wanted to develop my confidence in.

I think it’s important to take the support that’s offered to you and always strive to learn new skills and develop existing ones, in order to get where you want to be and start affecting real change as a leader in policing."

Police Constable Emma Cantrell-Johnson,

Humberside Police

Applications are now open

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