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Our neighbourhood policing participants share their stories.

Do you have what it takes to transform communities? Becoming a neighbourhood police officer is a big step. Hear our participant’s experiences throughout their journey on the Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme.


Why join the police?

Many of our participants had never thought about joining the police before learning about the Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme. Find out what motivated our neighbourhood police officers to join.

What's special about joining with Police Now?

Find out what makes joining the police on the  Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme a unique and special experience.

What's the neighbourhood police officer role like?

Hear about the job and what it involves from current neighbourhood police officers training on the Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme.

What will your friends and family think?

Deciding to join Police Now might not be what your friends and family expect? Hear from some of our participants on the reactions they got and how this has changed as they’ve become neighbourhood police officers.

What's it like being a woman in the police?

You might think that women face specific challenges in the police? Hear from some of our female participants as they talk about their personal experience, challenges and success stories.

What's it like being in the police if you're from a minority ethnic background?

Some of our participants from minority ethnic backgrounds talk about their fears before joining, their experiences on the job and the effect of the Black Lives Matter movement on the role of a police officer.

How will you know you've made the right decision?

Some of our participants talk about the day everything clicked into place for them.

What’s career progression like?

There are hundreds of roles within policing. Some of our participants talk about the secondments and attachments they’re exploring and how the Police Now programme is helping accelerate their opportunities to progress.

How does Police Now develop your leadership potential?

Leadership development is a cornerstone of Police Now national graduate programmes. Hear some of our participants share their experiences of leadership training and support.

How will I create positive change?

Police Now participants share some of the ways they’ve been able to positively impact the communities they’re responsible for. 

What is the Police Now Academy experience like?

The Police Now Academy promises to be the most challenging and the most enjoyable six weeks of your life. Some of our participants talk about their experiences and how it prepared them for life on the job.

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